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Now that Arrowhead is the only team still playing football (as usual) it is time for basketball season.
Who are the top teams this year?
What is the preseason all-conference team?
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Whoa. Basketball time.
There could be shifts in power. Two Time POY Korie Lucious is gone from Pius. Just one First teamer is back in Klem from KM. TJ Bray, a junior, could contend for POY along with Klem.
My far to early conference final standings.
1. Arrowhead
3. South
4. CMH
6 Muk
7. West
8. Pius

I really have no idea on anything. I know South has picked up a transfer from Milwaukee. And from what I'm told the kid can Jump out of the gym. North has a lot of solid returners.

Edit: Talking to some players I've changed up some of my picks. I've been told South's 1s beat CMHs 1s by 18 last sunday, that could mean something. Also I've heard and this is a direct quote. "Pius is gonna be worse than west"
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1. CMH- Bray, Schell, Neary(little), and Peake are going to bring the Conference Championship to CMH. Flemming and Jaynes also can contribute very well...im just not sure what is going to happen because im assuming that both are going to be playing football in college somewhere but if they play they are each solid contributors.
2. Waukesha North- I know it might be a bit of a stretch but i think that Becker and Brilowski both have solid experience on varsity now and i think that they can do some good things this year.
3/4. Arrowhead- I dont know much about the team but they are always solid. I think they lost a few solid starters but they usually replace very well.
3/4/5. Waukesha South- Staffeldt and Washington carry the team where ever they will go. They do have a pretty good transfer from Milwaukee like Spike said and i think he can contribute well. The real question is how he will mesh with the team. I heard that a couple of very solid players that played with them on their JV team maybe coming back for their senior years but who knows. They might pass Da U or as South has showed in the past...you could have a lot of talent like they had last year and look what happened and they could drop to 5
4/5. KM- Kelm is the only real player that contributed greatly last year who is coming back. I dont know really who else they have. Kelm is good and i think he can carry them team maybe past South

I think that these three teams could be interchangeable, and it will be interesting to see what happens.
6. Puis lost a big playmaker in K-Lou but they usually still have ok talent.
7. Muk- Bauschek is all they got i dont see them beating anyone at the top.
8. West- I really dont see the trend changing much from the past few years. Maybe they get one from puis or muk. good luck

It should be an interesting year. Bray gets POY no doubt as his team wins conference

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Classic 8 Basketball is without a doubt down this year compared to past years...Could be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

1. CMH... Bray and company should get it down they have enough returners
2/3. Arrowhead... Reload Reload Reload its what they always seem to do. The loss of Roets is big but they had good young talent last year and i think they will be fine.
2/3. North...Riccardi will get this talented team in gear and could suprise some people this year. Becker, Wood, Brilowski could be good.
4/5. South...Lost some experianced seniors but they should be alright. Washington should take most of the scoring load.
4/5. KM...Luterbach (sp) and Kelm should lead the lasers this year. I never thought kelm was all that good of a player but 1st team proves otherwise.
6. Muk... Olson and Spaight (sp) are gone but did have some suprisingly talented underclassmen last year look for them to suprise some people.
7. Pius...No Korie
8. West...west
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just in response to the milwaukee transfer at south...i think he quit the team...that ot game was pretty nuts tho
eye of the tiger
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How good will Pius be with Artie Turner at shooting guard? He has some ability. Do they have the inside play to complement him and Hoppe?
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