My goodness, he went from being a top five projected pick in the mock draft from the end of last year through a good portion of the college season to going to slipping all the way down to Golden State at #42. The only thing that sank quicker and deeper than him in recent history has to be the Titanic. He must really have some motivation problems or something, but at 6'10" and 261 (which I just saw that they list him at) he has potential because he does have athletecism.

I wish the Lakers would've picked him up instead of Von Wafer to follow up on the Turiaf pick. That would've been two big second round steals to get two big, athletic stallions like that. One thing that worries me though is that aside from Turiaf, we dont' really have anything all that certain with the other two picks (Bynum & Wafer). And at the same time, a division rival, Golden State, hit the lottery jackpot and picked up both Ike Diogu and Chris Taft; two guys who will definitely help them on the boards next year; a place where they were weak last year.

Write this down folks, if Golden State gets out of the gate playing decent for a change next year instead of waiting til February to start playing hard (like they've done the past 3 years) they will be a playoff team. They keep getting better and are on the ascent in the Pacific Division and I think the purple and yellow are on the big downswing.
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