Rumors have been flying about Kaman being traded from the Clips. Now there's a rumor that Kaman and Richardson could swap spots.

Seriously, are the Clippers trying to build the most-losingest team of all time? Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Ricky Davis, Zach Randolph, and now possibly Jason Richardson have notariety for their entire careers being on losing teams. The Clippers reportedly received offers from more than 1/2 the NBA for Kaman and this is the best offer they get? I seriously doubt that. Kaman going to Charlotte though would be interesting. Dwight Howard was always held back his first couple seasons by being forced to play PF before he broke out when he was officially named and played center. Okafor hasn't had much success at PF and now bringing in Kaman could either hinder his ability or Kaman could draw double teams and open up more rebounding and scoring opportunities for Okafor. It's not a bad play from the Bobcats standpoint.

Here are a few deals I'd like to see.....

Los Angeles receives-
Josh Howard

Dallas receives-
Chris Kaman

LAC wants to build a loser team? Bring in Josh Howard! Seriously though, Dallas would get the steal of the century if they could pull this off.

-Some sort of Chris Kaman + other pieces/Shawn Marion swap. I like Thornton, I think he's got some potential, but he takes too many shots, isn't a great rebounder or facilitator and would be more useful as a 6th man.

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