So a valid non threatening question.

How does a coach balance the obligations to the community at large he coaches in, and all of the participants and being a parent with a talented player coming up?

Germantown did an awesome job and a couple of state titles, a state record for most consecutive wins still counting.

Will Cedarburg have that same success?
Will there be an exodus of players before that happens?
Will it shift the balance of power in the next few years away from Germantown?

I think Germantown has a system in place that will stand for a while. The Germantown Boys Basketball Club, is probably a model for most programs to look at. How it feeds players into the HS program ready to play. You don't see any of that same consistency in the North Shore. You will see it in Brookfield Central, Sun Prairie, Middleton, and Onalaska.

So ending with a risk of sounding like a pot shot. If some moderator does take offense to this, please have the common courtesy and professionalism to provide an explanation, and try not to let so little power go to your head, to think your above common courtesy and or manners.
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I've been on the receiving end of some blind side post deletions. Power trip does seem to fit my experience too.

Germantown will be back to earth next year, IMO. They lose a lot to graduation.

As for my views on underclassmen...if they don't provide something that an upper classman can't to help you win...let them mature on JV.

Bringing them up just to take lumps on varsity isn't the answer.
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