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Current prediction: Little Chute by 7.

Last week was a game the Blue Devils were fortunate to win. They were down 13-0 early in the 4th, and it could have been more as Marshall stalled on a 4th-and-goal (that later turned into a TD on a Lodi fumble) and blew a FG attempt. (That might have been on the same drive, I'll have to go back and look at the PBP if it's still available.) A real question mark is the health of RB Zach Kuehn, who went out in the 1st quarter with a knee injury and didn't return; if he's out for this week, it puts even more weight on Logan Furniss and Garrett Schreiber on offense.

Little Chute also survived last week, turning the ball over 4 times and trailing 14-0 going into the 4th against S/CC before rallying for the OT win. The Mustangs have 2 losses, to Xavier (D3) and Freedom (D4) - both games where they got chewed up in the air; they also have a victory over semifinalist Wrightstown (who defeated Freedom in L3, as well as in the season opener). The offense is a dual-threat, and has shown the ability to move and control the game, and still put up points in both defeats.

Bottom line: it's going to be the Little Chute offense vs. the Lodi defense. If Kuehn is out (I'm assuming he will be until told otherwise), that's a problem for Lodi. Last week, Lodi needed short fields and/or turnovers to score most of the 33 points, and it doesn't have the passing game that Xavier and Freedom had this year. I expect the Mustangs to stretch the Blue Devils defense out and avoid turnovers, and advance to Madison for the first time.
I'm not saying some things the WIAA does are wrong, ... I'm just saying, "I find it weird."
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I'm going out on a limb for Lodi.... this isn't the first time they've faced adversity.
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Little Chute
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Last week Lodi got very lucky in beating Marshall. It sucks to see their star running back get hurt like that but they switched things up and Marshall didn't. Marshall was the better team heading into the game just didn't do what they needed to do to get the win. I think Lodi's second string back is a pretty solid back. From what I saw he ran hard too and broke a lot or tackles. If they put their starting qb out at receiver like they did and have the second string throwing they could pass all over little chute. Lodi by 7
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Lodi is a better team then Marshall and they over looked Marshall, like broad head juda did. The difference was that Lodi didn't stand their in shock, like broad head did. They fought back like they have all year. I think Lodi will punch its ticket into camp Randall.
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Little Chute has been battle tested all year, and I think they will punch their ticket to state with a hard fought 27-14 victory over Lodi.
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We've finally come to the end of the 2014 season, after Lodi fell to Little Chute 29-26. That means it's time to tally up the results, and our postseason pick 'em winner is ... thecrackerjack, who took the Mustangs to win and pulls out of the 3-way tie to claim the title. It's a logjam in 2nd, but no one ever cares about who came in 2nd.

Final postseason pick 'em standings:
thecrackerjack: 10-3
importfromil: 9-4
ash22themagnificent: 9-4
whfan202: 9-4
badgerfan15: 9-4
bcushing: 8-5
wihsfootball: 7-6
I'm not saying some things the WIAA does are wrong, ... I'm just saying, "I find it weird."
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