Can Coach Tackes and his coaching staff get a little credit now?

There was enough bashing going on last year when they won their third championship, that anyone could have coached that group of kids to a championship. Now this year he has gotten them back to state for a fourth straight time, after losing 21 of 22 starters. Hard to say it was just the kids this year!

What do the bashers and haters have to say?
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Here's the deal...there are always critics and speculators, but sometimes good players are the least coachable, which makes it even more difficult. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wins three straight state titles without have a quality coaching staff and good methods, including everything from organization, practice planning, film study, etc. The average fan doesn't understand what coaching truly is...they believe it is simply going through a playbook and calling plays, and repping things out in practice. They don't consider the preparation time, the constant bombardment of new "issues" that need attention, the relating with players and giving them guidance, and all the other things that need attention. In this case, Stratford has proved their 'haters' wrong.

BTW, back when Stratford was a relative unknown on the western side of the state, they were smart enough to know that they should schedule quality nonconference opponents if they want to get better. They played Baldwin-Woodville back in '93 and '94, when B-W was coming off a state title in '92 and made a return trip in '94, with a good year in '93 also. So somebody in Stratford was planning and building something back then!
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no credit until he wins 20 state titles in a row []
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what makes losing to stratford even harder is that their players and coachign staff show class . after saturday's loss to them, people would be like yeah you must reallly hate them- but it's not like that? sure i hated losing to them three years in a row but you have to respect their players as well as coaching staff for all they've accomplished. And basically what i'm saying i guess is people who don't give coach tackes credit are foolish, and chances are high don't know much about high school football and what it takes to be successful. Tackes has clearly instilled a winning formula in Stratford that I imagine will continue for a long time- and for that he deserves a lot of credit.
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Give him 2 more years to get his 200th victory and he'll be listed among the other great Wisconsin H.S coaches with 200 victories with the highest win percentage among active coaches, possibly all-time.
I think he is currently 174-33? Anyone know for sure?
Love him or hate him, his number don't lie.
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Tackes will never go to a bigger school. He has been teaching and coaching at Stratford 20 or 30 years. I was one of his students, not the best teacher but is a great coach, now that he has opened up his play book. He has a lot of family in the Stratford area he wont be leaving anytime soon, the only thing I see him doing sometime in the future is retiring, but that will be a long ways down the road.

He should get some credit, he is a good coach, and has good players, but you have to know how to coach good players, and he does, and he does well, very well!
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I gave him credit three years ago.
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