As the time goes on I am thinking the Bucks future is looking better and better with John Hammond as the GM. I say this because with each bad move the Detroit Pistons make under Joe Dumars it makes me believe that the Championship teams under his and Hammonds control was a lot more Hammond and a lot less Dumars.

Dumars has made some really bad moves since Hammonds left to come to Milwaukee. This includes trading for AI and getting rid of Billups, the coaching controversy, and overpaying for Ben Gordon (when you have hamilton there already) and villy.

I belive the Bucks once they get their salary issues resolved will be a really good team in 2-4 under the control of John Hammond.
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It's highly possible that we could be. I guess the records will decide whether or not the future is looking up or not. But remember, it takes longer to turn around a basketball franchise than it is to turn around almost any other sports franchise.
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