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Jace, whats going on with your web site?

I was asked about what's going on with BRCFootball.com so I figured the least I could do is let everyone know what's up.

To make things short and sweet, BRCFootball.com's web server was ran off of an individual's server. That server went down and as it stands right now, that individual is probably just going to get rid of their server in general, which leaves BRCFootball.com in a bind because I was being hosted free of charge pretty much.

Now that leaves me without a server to be hosted on so I'm currently looking and trying to strike deals, but as most of you know I do BRCFootball.com out of my own pocket and on my spare time so I really can't afford to toss out money that it may cost for servers. So the truth is I really don't know the status of the site truthfully. I will do what I can but if all needs to be I may just have to sell the site and the domain (absolute last resort) to someone who can keep it going. So if anyone may know a place or a person who is willing to host me give them a hollar.

I apologize for any inconvienence. I would've notified everyone sooner but I didn't know what all was going to happen and I didn't know if I should post about my site on wissports (not that it's bad or anything). So I'll try and keep everyone up to date with what is going on.

I will still be posting the All-BRCFootball.com team, etc. when the time comes.

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