Pick'em Standings
bigriversfootballfan 28-7
dfnewburry 28-7
geagles4 11-13
str8outtachip 4-0
mhsfootball 7-5
fanman1 3-1

BRC Standings
1. Chippewa Falls, Rice Lake 7-0 (5-0)
3. Superior, Menomonie 5-2 (3-2)
5. Eau Claire Memorial 4-3 (3-2)
6. Eau Claire North 2-5 (0-5)
7. River Falls 1-6 (1-4)
8. Hudson 0-6 (0-5)

Week 8 Matchups

Menomonie 21 @ Chippewa Falls 20

Rice Lake 34 @ Eau Claire Memorial 28 OT

Hudson 21 @ River Falls 14

Eau Claire North 0 @ Superior 56

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Game of the week:

Menomonie 35 @ Chippewa Falls 38

Rice Lake 33 @ Eau Claire Memorial 35

Hudson 31 @ River Falls 28

Eau Claire North 18 @ Superior 35

Good Luck to all the BRC teams.
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Game of the week: Menomonie 24 @ Chippewa Falls 27 In one of the biggest matchups of the year both coaches and teams are going to be tested. It is a tossup of who comes out on top. I am going to go with the team that can beat you in the most ways, they have won with defense, running, and passing and you never know who will be there star. Also, doesn't hurt that Dorais will be packed up to an hour before kickoff. Biggest game in a long time for the city of Chippewa.

Hudson 27, River Falls 20. I don't know if River Falls will be able to slow down a running attack, Hudson is at full strength and playing well finally on offense. River Falls will be able to move the ball but turnovers will hurt them again.

Rice Lake 42, Memorial 21. Memorial is playing great right now and needs a win against either Rice Lake or Superior to get in to playoffs. That is a really difficult task, especially when Rice Lake will run it down your throat if you let them, and Memorial let Hudson and Chippewa run the ball well already out of the double wing, albeit different styles of double wing. Rice Lake gets big plays every week and this is no difference. Interested to see how the secondary from Rice Lake will deal with the spread of Memorial though. Interesting game.

Superior 42, North 7. Superior will be into the playoffs with a win, that is enough motivation to make them avoid a trap game.

Note. Superior and Chippewa are both big Memorial fans these next two weeks if they want to go D2 and avoid Bay Port, Kimberly, and Arrowhead.

This year of football has been really fun to see unfold in the BRC, it will be interesting to see how things end up with so many good teams these next two weeks
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Week 8 Matchups

Menomonie @ Chippewa Falls

Rice Lake @ Eau Claire Memorial

Hudson @ River Falls

Eau Claire North @ Superior

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