What are everyones preseason picks for all-conference? Who will be 1st team, 2nd team and honorable mention?
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Just so you know, Bruley, Leonard, and Oleson all graduated last year. Don't know about the rest of the list though.
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Sorry for the misinformation. They are listed as SO & JR on this site.


I wonder how many others are incorrect??

Also noticed that I missed Wenkman from WD
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Yea Defosse for dells graduated last year too.

My 1st team would be-Gaston AF Saiz and Wenkman WD Schumer Mau Groeth Wau

2nd team-Hess PW Pease AF Woiak Nek Steele and Royston WD

HM-Davies PW, Graff Mau, Sobojinski WD, Decorah AF
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You never know who is gonna show up on game night so it's hard pick pre season. Here are the top 20 returning scorers according to WSN

Groeth- Wau
Gaston- AF
Siaz- WD
Hess- PW
Bruley- Nek
Leanord- Nek
Sobojinski- WD
Woiak- Nek
Davies- PW
Steele- WD
Decorah- AF
K Royston- WD
Hanneman- Nek
Oleson- Nek
Paeth- Wau
Meyers- AF
Rosin- Wau
Dahlke- Wau
Pease- AF
DeFosse- WD

My 1st team would be Gaston-AF, Saiz & Steele- WD,Hess- PW, and the big guy Groeth- Wau.

It's hard after that so that's all i'll attempt. If AF plays up to potential they could easily place 2 guys 1st team, and if peoples predictions are correct it wouldn't surprise me to see an all WD and AF 1st team. Just my .02 worth.
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No, he is a sr. this year
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