Black Hawk High School held their 2005 Spring Sports Awards program on Monday, June 6.        

        The track and field awards were presented by Head Coach Cory Milz and Assistant Coach Rachel Wolff.

Receiving JV letters in track were Ethan Luhman, Kirk Brenum, Andrew Perger, Ryan Hull, Chad Woodruff, Brettina Perkins, Elsa Meyer, Alyssa Dammen, Samantha Powers and Tammi Rowley.

        Receiving a certificate of participation in boys' track was Travis Jones.

Varsity letters went to Chris Luhman, Eric Krahenbuhl, Bill Tertin, Jon Coulthard, Amy Brenum, Brittany Hartwig, Ashley Grinnell, Crystal Thorson, Kendra McCauley, Laura Goodrich, Rebecca Wehinger, Alyse Good, Alyssa Ranum, Ashley Herbst and Mackenzie Hole.

Special awards went to: Most Valuable Male Athlete- Eric Krahenbuhl; Most Improved Male Athlete- Jon Coulthard; Most Valuable Female Athlete- Crystal Thorson; and Most Improved Female Athlete- Ashley Herbst.

Coach Mark Liphart presented the junior varsity softball awards. Receiving JV letters were Jenny Mair, Aryn Wellnitz, Janel Rupnow, Rebecca Johnson, Michelle Priebe, Talia Rothenbuehler, Amanda Walker, Renee Mau, Joanna Curran, Alison Robelia, Sydni Durrstein and Amy Lee.

Special awards went to: Co-Captains- Renee Mau and Sydni Durrstein; Most Improved Player- Talia Rothenbuehler; Most Valuable Player- Aryn Wellnitz; and Highest Batting Average- Sydni Durrstein, .486.

Head Coach Roger Jackson distributed the varsity softball awards. Earning varsity letters were Bret Trame, Britney Ritschard, Natasha Knouse, Sally Jarrett, Amber Hole, Brianna Ditzenberger, Chanelle Jorgenson, Dani Goodman, Elizabeth Gutzmer, Kelsey Schwartz, Patti Jacobson and Jenny Bechtolt.

        Kaitlyn Hagen and Jessica Wiegel received certificates of participation.

        Special awards went to: Captain- Sally Jarrett; Most Valuable Player- Kelsey Schwartz.

Handing out the JV baseball awards was Coach Lance Ray. Receiving JV letters were Tommy Butts, Jake Kaempfer, Josh Johnson, Matt Kraft, Steve Herbst and Troy Stauffer.

Special awards went to: Most Valuable Player- Taylor Goodman and Joey Hartig; Most Improved Player- Troy Stauffer; Outstanding Offensive Player- Joey Hartwig; Outstanding Defensive Player- Tommy Butts; and the Warrior "Pride" Award- Taylor Goodman.

Head Coach Todd Strang gave out the varsity baseball awards. Earning varsity letters were Casey Berget, Leif Gilbertson, Ryan Schwartz, Brad Solberg, Tyler Braun, Nick Flannery, Tim Stauffer, Justin Jenson, Matt Burkhalter, Taylor Goodman, Joey Hartwig and Alex Abraham.

Special awards went to: Most Valuable Offensive Player- Brad Solberg; Most Valuable Defensive Player- Casey Berget; Most Valuable Player- Brad Solberg; Most Improved Player- Justin Jenson; and Co-Captains- Casey Berget, Brad Solberg and Tyler Braun.
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