Looking forward to an exciting year in hoops. Does anyone have any thoughts to how it will play out in the Big Rivers this year?
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Here are my thoughts:

1. Rice Lake - most talented group in the BRC. They have a legitimate shot at a state appearance.
2. Memorial- Showed some signs at the end of last year that lead me to believe they will challenge for the title
3. River Falls- A consistent winner lately. I see them as a tough team night in night out
4. Hudson- I would think they could find some guys that can play
5. North- A young team that made strides last year looks to take the next step
6. Menomonie- Replacing some key pieces. Tough place to be a consistent winner in hoops.
7. Chippewa Falls- Graduation and moving took key pieces off this team. Could be a long year.
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Here are the schedules for the Big Rivers Teams:

Chippewa Falls

11/16 vs La Crosse Logan
11/27 vs Holmen
11/30 at New Richmond
12/4 vs Rice Lake
12/7 vs Eau Claire Memorial
12/11 vs Onalaska
12/13 at La Crosse Central
12/18 at River Falls
12/22 at Stevens Point
12/27 vs D.C. Everest (at Wausau West)
12/28 vs Merrill (at Wausau West)
1/4 vs Eau Claire North
1/8 at Hudson
1/11 vs Menomonie
1/18 at Rice Lake
1/22 at Wausau West (at Stevens Point)
1/25 at Eau Claire Memorial
1/29 vs Superior
2/1 vs River Falls
2/8 at Eau Claire North
2/12 vs Hudson
2/15 at Menomonie


11/30 vs Mahtomedi (MN)
12/4 vs Eau Claire North
12/8 vs Minneapolis Washburn (at Minnetonka (MN))
12/11 vs Hastings (MN)
12/14 at Menomonie
12/18 vs Rice Lake
12/20 at Edina (MN)
12/27 vs Rhinelander (at Wausau West)
12/28 vs Wausau East (at Wausau West)
1/4 at Eau Claire Memorial
1/8 vs Chippewa Falls
1/11 at River Falls
1/18 vs Eau Claire North
1/22 vs New Richmond
1/26 at Stillwater (MN)
1/29 vs Menomonie
2/1 at Rice Lake
2/2 vs Osseo (MN) (at Prior Lake (MN))
2/5 vs Woodbury (MN)
2/8 vs Eau Claire Memorial
2/12 at Chippewa Falls
2/15 vs Rive Falls

Eau Claire Memorial

11/15 vs Holmen
11/24 vs New Richmond
11/29 at Onalaska
12/3 vs Wausau East
12/7 at Chippewa Falls
12/11 vs La Crosse Central
12/14 vs River Falls
12/18 at Eau Claire North
12/21 at Merrill
12/27 vs Marshfield (at Wausau West)
12/28 vs Wausau West (at Wausau West)
1/4 vs Hudson
1/8 at Menomonie
1/11 vs Rice Lake
1/19 at Stevens Point
1/25 vs Chippewa Falls
1/29 at River Falls
2/1 vs Eau Claire North
2/2 at La Crosse Logan
2/8 at Hudson
2/12 vs Menomonie
2/15 at Rice Lake

Eau Claire North

11/16 at New Richmond
11/20 vs Merrill
11/27 vs La Crosse Central
11/30 at Holmen
12/4 vs Hudson
12/7 vs Menomonie
12/14 at Rice Lake
12/18 vs Eau Claire Memorial
12/21 vs Superior
12/27 vs Wausau West (at Wausau West)
12/28 vs D.C. Everest (at Wausau West)
1/4 at Chippewa Falls
1/8 vs River Falls
1/11 at Marshfield
1/14 at La Crosse Logan
1/18 at Hudson
1/22 at Wisconsin Rapids
1/25 at Menomonie
1/29 vs Rice Lake
2/1 at Eau Claire Memorial
2/8 vs Chippewa Falls
2/12 at River Falls


11/20 at Holmen
11/27 vs Altoona
11/30 at Baldwin-Woodville
12/4 at River Falls
12/7 at Eau Claire North
12/11 at Tartan (MN)
12/14 vs Hudson
12/27 vs Merrill (at Wausau West)
12/28 vs Rhinelander (at Wausau West)
1/4 at Rice Lake
1/8 vs Eau Claire Memorial
1/11 at Chippewa Falls
1/18 vs River Falls
1/22 vs Medford
1/25 vs Eau Claire North
1/29 at Hudson
2/1 vs La Crosse Central
2/2 at Superior
2/5 vs New Richmond
2/8 vs Rice Lake
2/12 at Eau Claire Memorial
2/15 vs Chippewa Falls

Rice Lake

11/30 vs Amery
12/4 at Chippewa Falls
12/7 at River Falls
12/8 at Eden Prairie (MN)
12/14 vs Eau Claire North
12/15 vs Altoona
12/18 at Hudson
12/21 vs Northwestern
12/28 vs Stevens Point (at UW-Stevens Point)
12/29 vs Wisconsin Rapids (at UW-Stevens Point)
1/4 vs Menomonie
1/11 at Eau Claire Memorial
1/12 at New Richmond
1/18 vs Chippewa Falls
1/19 at Superior
1/25 vs River Falls
1/29 at Eau Claire North
2/1 vs Hudson
2/2 vs Prior Lake (at Prior Lake)
2/8 at Menomonie
2/9 vs Wausau East
2/15 vs Eau Claire Memorial
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My own opinion:

1. Rice Lake

They return some key pieces. They will be the team with the most size, also probably the most skilled. Hard to stop a team that has that going for them. I think Henry Ellensen will show this year what level he deserves to be looking at as far as collegiate basketball. We will have to wait and see.

2. River Falls

Always a tough team. River Falls is also a very tough place to play and to get a win. A couple returners who are all-around players. They also have some talented height.

3. Hudson

One player cannot win a conference title, but they can win some games for you. I see this as the story in Hudson. Herink is a solid player but they are looking for more people to step up. I think they will get enough to be in the hunt for 2nd-4th in the conference.

4. North

I think North is on the right track to becoming legitimate in this conference again. I believe that they will again improve on their record and take a step in the right direction.

5. Memorial

Honestly, I'm not too familiar with this team. The past couple years they've been about average in the conference. I wouldn't be surprised to see this as an "up and down" team. They could have a shot to take anywhere from 3rd-6th in the conference.

6. Menomonie

They were improving up until this year. I just don't know if they will have the talent to compete night in and night out in the big rivers. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if they stole a couple games from better opponents.

7. Chippewa Falls

First time in 6-7 years that the team doesn't have the go-to guy. Also, Coach Luke Madsen is not with the team this year. It will be a "rebuilding" year for this team. Look for a lot of underclassmen playing for them.

If a player is reading this, and doesn't like where their team falls, go out and prove me wrong! Good luck to all athletes and teams this year!
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Through two games, Rice Lake is looking pretty dominant, and it will be hard to stop their trio of Ellenson, Ellenson, and West.

PPG Averages:
H. Ellenson: 24.5
E. Ellenson: 13.5
West: 12
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In a victory over Eden Prairie (MN) on 12/8, Henry Ellenson had 21 points and 20 rebounds.
"Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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Rice Lake 63, North 40: Henry Ellenson scored 23 points and grabbed 13 boards and the Warriors hit nine 3-pointers. Sam Hurt, Alex Heacox and Anthony Miloszewicz all scored eight points for the Huskies.

Menomonie 71, Hudson 56: Matt Riley earned his first win as coach of the Mustangs thanks to Luke Stanley's game-high 27 points.
"Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony." - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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Wally leaves the Gophers BB team.
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