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I had heard that rummor with Horicon as well, good thing i checked this conf board instead of pm'ing you db. Horicon seems like a fit size wise. I agree with Troy though, its gettin rediculous. At Johnson Creek in 07 we were in the trailways small (with Hustisford, Cambria-Friesland, Rio, Green Lake) and then last year in 08 we were switched to the Trailways Large and Randolph went to the small because the enrollment dropped (not much less than JC's) and now this year is our last year in the Large and there is the talk of moving back to the small. Here is the kicker this year though...Green Lake is combining with Montello who is already combined with Princton. So it is Montello-Princeton-Green Lake now. Because GL said they wouldn't have had enough kids (only 20 or so) to field a team. Instead of moving JC down to fill the void in the small school conf they're keeing JC up and adding Maranatha Baptist for one year only, then next year moving JC back down. A lot of moving around and switching its just getting crazy
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Prince Fielder will sign with some team for 7 years $160 mil
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It looks like with the addition of Omro it looks like there will be scheduling alliance with the Eastern Valley Conference since both conferences will have 9 teams and finding opponents later in the season when your bye week comes up won't be easy.

Here is North Fondy's 2010 schedule with Berlin on it:

and here is WLA's 2010 schedule (Only one game right now) with Xavier on it:
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