What are going to be the best games played tonight?

Aquinas vs. Auberndale in Neillsville?
Barneveld vs. River Ridge in Richland Center?

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Laconia vs. whitefish bay dominican will be an excelent game between 2 very quick and athletic teams
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pewaukee vs cmh will be a good one at waukesha south with a tip off time of seven
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well I hope the Game in Neillsville is going to be good cuz I'm going to it.
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The game in Neilsville will be good if you're an Aquinas fan. If you are from Auburndale, I think it's gonna be a long night.
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rice lake vs spooner gunna be a great game
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Waupun and Berlin.. Conference foes going at it for the third time, Waupun won the first 2 meetings but both games were very close.. Brown County arena at 8..
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I'd say that Webster versus Cameron should be a good game in Rice Lake.
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