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That was a hell of a game, and another vintage Favre performance. Yep, it really looks like he can't play in cold weather anymore...LOL not.

I love how everybody is saying that now that he finally had a good game. One good game compared to 9 or however many games it was doesn't mean anything. He's lucky he faced a completely crippled Bears secondary. They didn't have either starting safety, I don't remember if another safety got hurt during the game and they also lost Charles Tillman during the game.

I like the fact that he stood up for himself and said, 'hey, i played as well as i could have.' Like him or hate him brett has a point. To sit there and pin his 0-9 cold weather record as of late or w/e ridiculous stat it is soley on him is stupid. Look at the 9 games he lost in cold weather and compare them to all his other games and I guarantee you the defenses in those 9 games gave up a hell of a lot more yards and points than they did in the other games. But you're right, that's favre's fault for not going tim tebow on his defense and rallying the troops. To say brett can't play in cold weather now that he's old because of some stupid 0-9 stat that doesn't entirely reflect upon him (i.e. there's 22 people on the field, hence a crap load of other variables) is like saying the Pheonix Suns can't play on TNT because they lost like 16 or 17 in a row.

Favres Stats going into last nights game with a temperature under 38 degrees:

0-7 3 TD 13 INT's 55.6 completion % 204.4 pass yards per game and a passer rating of 54.8

yeah...those terrible defenses are letting Favre down again...Favre does no wrong

All i'm sayin is this, if you packer lunatics are going to crucify favre for his 0-9 under 32 degree weather record, aka put all the blame on him, that's perfectly fine. But don't come on here pissing and moaning (like almost all of you have) when espn gives favre all the credit for leading 4th quarter come back drives and putting him on a pedistal. It goes both ways, if you're going to rip on every little thing possible about favre, then it's only fair that you let people give him all the credit where credits due or else you're all just being hypocrites.
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I don't feel bad at all for hoping the worst for Minnesota and "Purple Jesus" (complete with sarcastic hand waving), and no amount of P & M'ing is gonna change that.

Though I do agree that sometimes "Purple Jesus" (complete with sarcastic hand waving) is sometimes a victim of his own teammates' patheticness, "Purple Jesus" (complete with sarcastic hand waving) is not always blameless either. - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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Does anyone have the list of the 9 other cold weather games to compare.
Favre was playing aginst the Bears JV take that for what it's worth.

I hear ya bro....and we all know that Rodgers has faced the best of the best of the best all season. []

Give it up dude...Brett is having a great season much to your dismay. All the Brett Bashers keep scrambling for crap to say since you all predicted gloom and doom for him. I hate the Vikings also...but if you cannot even admit that 40 year old Brett has had a stellar season...then your Packer homerism is beyond warped.

please explain to sportsfan was wrong at all? the secondary was terribly banged up and the linebacking corps isn't exactly the healthiest...he was just stating a fact...I don't know why you are even bringing up Aaron Rodgers...talking about the Brett Bashers keep scrambling for crap...why because we are ripping on your Vikings yet you claim you are a Packers fan and have done nothing but rip them all year and stick up for the Vikings at every possible chance...don't turn into gotnogame because I appreciate him completely for either no longer bringing this crap up or just avoiding the board...don't stoop to that level...the thread was basically about the Vikings until "Packers fans" who stick up for the Vikings all the time made it sound like it was an attack on Favre...

we all understand that Rodgers and Favre are both going to be on the Pro Bowl roster so how can we even argue anything bad about him?...don't take our hatred for the Vikings as bashing on Favre

Come on Pinetar...can you honestly look at Sportsfans statement and say that it was not a jab at Favre? If that is the can you say that my comment was a jab at Rodgers and the Packers?

Did you notice I did not reply to any of the comments ripping on the Vikings? Is that what you mean by sticking up for the Vikings?
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no ICONS I know you don't just stick up for the Vikings on every post or even on a regular basis but I hate hearing people say "I'm a Packers fan" but go out of their way to stick up for the Vikings, namely, Brett Favre when they play just seems (to me) that you stick up for Favre when he fails and then rip the Packers in their low doesn't matter...I just wanted to say that the board has been doing a HELLUVA lot better since we had our little intervention...and also it seems like in everything when things are going good (Packers winning/Vikings losing) everyone can get a long for the most part but when its the other way around we have dumb fights on here...I just want to say that my rift with Favre ended for the most part before this season started but definietly after he beat us the 2nd hes just another qb to me apart from him playing for a rival...he's in the pro bowl and was in the MVP talks all year...clearly Favre helped carry this team to where they any argument that I make at least is not to rip on Favre...maybe some people are taking shots at the Favre that I'm not seeing as a Packer fan and maybe some people view posters taking shots at Favre when they really aren't...there's nothing to argue...Favre is the pro bowl quarterback of the NFC North Division Champs...that season is over...after Sunday...its a whole new season
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I've avoided ESPN since that game. Just sick to my stomach still.
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