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Total domination on the field and on paper, if not on the scoreboard:

Game Stats:

1st Downs: Packers - 23 ... Bucs - 6

Rushing Yards: Packers - 121 ... Bucs - 16

Passing Yards: Packers - 310 ... Bucs - 93

Total Yards: Packers - 431 ... Bucs - 109

Time of Possession: Packers - 38:38 ... Bucs - 21:22

Box Score, Individual and Team Stats:
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thatguy9 wrote:
db11 wrote:
thatguy9 wrote:
All of the armchair quarterbacks/coaches on this site are too much for me to handle at times. Do some of you criticizing McCarthy ever think that execution (poor blocks, missing holes, dropping balls, bad tackling, careless penalties) could sometimes be the cause of failure, rather than play calling? Yes, this was the Bucs...but they are still a team of professional athletes who will make plays and stop you no-matter who you are if you do not execute.

The Packers have had a very good offense for a long time, and when it seems to stumble the slightest bit...everyone resorts to the "play calling." Give me a break. McCarthy has won greater than 70% of his games in the past 6 seasons (averaging slightly more than 11 wins per regular season). His play calling and game plans have obviously put the team in a position to succeed throughout his tenure in Green Bay. Most of these teams have not had anywhere near a top 10 NFL Defense, yet his offense has been so effective it has overcome defensive shortcomings to rack up wins (at a clip of better than 11 per regular season). I would wager that the majority of you criticizing him have ZERO experience in coaching a football team, and couldn't begin to understand the depth of formations and schemes that a high-powered NFL team has in place.

Past 5 Seasons NFL Offensive Ranking (By Total Points)
2014 - 2nd
2013 - 7th
2012 - 4th
2011 - 1st
2010 - 9th

McCarthy isn't perfect and maybe doesn't always have the best calls in every scenario, but the execution has been questionable for players on the offensive, defensive, and special teams units in each of Green Bay's losses.

What happened to blaming the hired, professional athletes on the field when something doesn't go well - rather than a coach and his play calling???

Again, it's about putting guys in spots where they are best equipped to make plays. Sure, Kuhn walks into the end zone if the O-Line caves in that side of the field, but that just isn't going to happen at this level. The easiest way for this team to score from the 1 is to give it to #27 and have him go straight-forward...or even have Kuhn go straight-forward, but a fullback counter with a D-Lineman as a lead blocker? That's overthinking/complicating it. And then he telegraphed the fourth and goal play call by emptying the backfield.

I agree, McCarthy probably could pound the rock a little more...but it's pretty easy for us to say when we are sitting home with a beer in our hand. The guy is successful and we have been spoiled with having one of the best offenses in football over the past decade. When things don't go perfect, it's easy to forget about all the great calls and game plans he has formulated over the years.

Far too often on here McCarthy gets bashed for his "play calling", when half of the people doing the bashing couldn't diagram most basic football formations.

I was happy with MM's play calling. I think Rodgers can option out of MM's plays and go with what looks open
or what may work.
My only complaint is you cant run the ball inside when you pack your o-lineman butt to butt - just no place
for the back to go. I have seen this same thing with the Badgers. I think bigger splits for the guards and tackles
would make for more running room in 1st,2nd, or 3rd and one yard to go. Either do that if you want to run inside
or run 'off tackle' and let the back 'look' for a spot to run in. No way any back was going to run over all those O-lineman sandwiched together with the opposing defensive lineman.

Was it me or did it seem like Starks 'committed' too early many times(brings his head and shoulders down and
commits to a spot when running the ball)? I saw at least 3 times that Starks could have picked his way and gained
yards, but because he had committed and was leaning - there was no way for him to adjust and bounce either
inside a blocker or outside?? A small point, but it didn't seem like Starks at his best to me.

Before the last 2 weeks I would have been happy ANY time the Pack defense held a team to under 300 yards.
Yep, both teams they played sucked; but the Pack defense had been shredded by too many teams this year.
Those 2 QB's on Buffalo and Tampa Bay have to be near the worst of the worst in the NFL. Neither has much
mobility or much for arms. Plodders at best. Reminds me of the QB's after Bart Starr - all horrible until Dickey.
Good to see the pass rush - guys looked like they were a bit faster on defense yesterday.
Again, I realize it was Tampa Bay, but 109 yards is pretty impressive against any pro team.
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mrmike527 wrote:
Why should he have run the ball more? I get that Lacy is good, but Rodgers completed just under 80% of his passes yesterday for about 320 yards. The Packers have the best QB in football--the truth is that it doesn't really matter how much they run vs. pass when both things are clicking. The reality is that they didn't have to score a lot of points in this game and still managed to win by 17.

It's really tough to call out play calling as if the plays called matter more than 5-10% in performance. Do you think a good play caller is catching opposing teams constantly off guard? The best OCs aren't "calling good games," they coach teams that are executing well. The John Kuhn call was as bad a call I have ever seen a coach make in a game (pulling guys at the goal line, handing to Kuhn on a slow-developing play, excluding your lead blocker, etc). But the Packers didn't fail at the 1 because McCarthy called a handoff to Kuhn, they failed because they didn't execute well enough to get into the end zone on any of their FOUR downs. It's absurd people are saying "he isn't giving the ball to Lacy enough," as if putting the ball in Rodgers hands is making the offense less efficient.

Year-in and year-out, this is one of the best offenses in the league. Like all NFL teams (and this year, with no dominant team, literally everyone has hit a rough patch) they have had some ups and downs. But this is as strong a playoff team as they've had in the past few years. This is really the first time the O-Line has been awesome (AWESOME) and that is going to be huge against many playoff teams. We should feel good about the Packers, whether or not they beat the Lions next week.

I agree 100% - Lacy is good because he ISNT carry the ball 30-35 times per game.
If the Pack went run 'heavy', we would see Lacy become less and less effective.
You got Rodgers - you gotta throw the rock! Jordy, Cobb - you gotta throw the rock with those 2 guys on the offense.
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Sounds like the pulled calf muscle that Rodgers suffered early in the game had an impact on the way the game played out. Maybe all of the hall of fame coaches-in-waiting on this site will cut McCarthy some slack about play calling considering he was trying to protect his franchise quarterback and still win the game and set up the showdown with Detroit next week. They are 11-4 for god sake. Perhaps you would prefer it if the Packers were 4-11?

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