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1) Has anyone been to a Sport Clips? What's it like? What's the prices? I'm thinking about going there for my next haircut soon and thought it'd be cool to at least check out. Plus I heard they focus on hiring quality scenery, which is a big plus. Plus they upgrade you to a shampoo, neck massage, and hot towel your first time.

2) Has anyone ever gotten a shave the old-fashioned way with cream and a straight-blade razor? I would absolutely love to do this sometime, and it's definitely on my lifetime To-Do list (I refuse to use the phrase "Bucket List"). What's it like? I don't even know anywhere that does it anymore.

1. I go to the one in Minneapolis usually, love it. The first time you go in (to any Sports Clips) you get a free neck massage and shampoo. Then when you pay for the first time they give you a little card with some coupons. I've gotten extra coupons just from talking to the stylists and being courteous. You also get to watch espn or whatever game is on at the time. Went to the one in Eau Claire, wasn't as happy with the haircut, or the quality of the looks of the girls (the ones in Minneapolis aren't great either) but I'd still go back to Eau Claire if need be.

2. Nope.
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