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Isn't it the same every year with the Badgers. Start out shaky and by the middle of the big ten be playing better basketball then anyone else in the big ten. A few things negative though, that might mean this year will not be like the rest.

- big ten improvement- Tubby and Belein coaching Michigan and Minnesota means that those two schools won't be the jokes they have been in the past. Combine that with the fact Izzo always has tough teams and Purdues surge to the top. I'm not a big beleiver in Purdue yet, very overated in my opinion.
- lack of senior talent/leadership- Krabbenhoft and Landry have just never been the impact guys that even Butch was. Landry has been a dissapointment at least in my mind. Probably biggest dissapointment I have ever had with a Badger
- youth- compared to other years we seem to be leaning on freshman and sophmores. Last year no freshman played, which leads to a whole bunch of guys seeing there first real action. Anyone know what's up with us not redshirting much. Last year all three or four freshman could have redshirted, did any of them?

However, I like the talent I see, and they played UCONN tight for a half. They still play in the BoTen conference so i'm sure at the end of the year we'll see them up there with Michigan St. and Purdue. Come on who really thinks that Matt Painter is going to be able to beat Bo twice, not me.

I keep thinking Trevon Hughes is going to become there go-to-guy

Oh you mean like the 2 times Purdue beat Wisconsin last year?
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