Thursday December 17

Oregon {1-1, 1-2} at Monroe {2-1, 3-1}----I see Monroe winning this one by 10. Oregon has some weapons with Jason Hinz and Gorman. Oregon also defeated Monroe once last year. Oregon has the potential to be a program on the rise, with some solid players going through in Hinz and Ironmonger last year. Also have a good JV. However, I think they are at least a year away from being a conference contender. Monroe, has state tournament contender talent at the guards spots again, with Tordoff and Barrett, though I saw barrett wasn't in the boxscore vs. Milton. Kevin frint at 6'7'' will develop into being a good player also. I see Monroe taking this by 10.

Friday December 18

Reedsburg {0-2. 0-3} at Stoughton {1-1, 3-2} ----Stoughton is a mystery, they beat Verona and Monroe, then lose to a young albeit good Edgewood team, on whom they had a major size advantage. I don't see Reedsburg having enough weapons to compete with Stoughton. Against Sauk, Jordan Van Cleeve and Chad Mazur combined for 37 of 41 points. They are good players, however till the supporting cast can help with the scoring load, they will be a mystery also. Stoughton by 12.

Saturday December 19

Game of the Week---Monona Grove[2-1, 3-2} at Madison edgewood{2-0, 3-1}--This will be a good test for a rebuilt Monona Grove team, after a tough season a year ago. They have beat Fort Atkinson and Columbus as expected, and then defeated Oregon on Saturday. Zach Zwiefel is playing very well as a Junior having 23 vs. Oregon. I don't see them being at the level yet, where they can beat Edgewood. edgwood is young with Arians and Brink, however they grew up with a big win over Stoughton. The Diamond press will cause problems for MG and Edgewood will win this one by 10.

Fort Atkinson {0-1, 0-3} at Milton {0-3, 0-4}---have to favor Milton in the battle of 2 teams that are searching for win number 1. Milton has been competative taking Monroe down to the wire, only losing by 4. Taking Oregon to the last possession, and having Edgewood all but defeated, before losing in 3 OT's. Fort has not yet been close. Milton has Knudsen who can score as well as McCann. They also have had issues with technical fouls at key times. If Milton gains composure they should win this by 15-20 points, and get there first win of the season.
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