Let's try this for fun, I'll give my picks and thoughts, everyone else can give there's, and I will keep track of records, just for fun...

Games 12/22/09:

Game of the week

Portage {2-1, 4-1} at Baraboo {2-1, 4-3}----Baraboo makes this game very interesting with their upset of Waunakee at Waunakee. Kowalke is playing well and mayb be the leauge's best post player, Banks returned to the lineup and McCann is contributing nicely for a sophomore. Portage has the leauges best player in Kevin Hurd, who led the warriors with 25 points vs. Mt. Horeb. The warriors have gotten good contributions from the supporting cast of Regalia, Schroeder, and Olson, as well, and are living up to the pre-season contender hype. I see Portage winning this rivalry game by 5.

Sauk Praire {1-2, 4-3} at Mount Horeb {0-3, 2-3}---Mount Horeb has won both non-conference tilts this season, and are competing well in the badger north. They only lost at Portage by 7, and hung with DeForest to the end. They will snap their conference losing streak soon, just not this game. Sauk is in a must win, looking up at 4 teams right now. It is early, but they have lost to 2 of the 4 conference leaders. I see to much height for Sauk, and Rudig having a big game. Sauk by 9.

Waunakee {3-1, 5-1} at Reedburg {0-2, 0-4}---I wouldn't want to be the team to take on Waunakee after a loss. Coach Mackenzie will get the ship righted, and Waunakee will come out and give a Waunakee effort, and roll through Reedburg. Reedsburg has 2 good players Van Cleeve and Mazur, but they are struggling to to find anyone else to score. Vs. Sauk Mazur and Van Cleeve had all but 4 of 41 points. I see Waunakee behind a team effort winning this by 20.

DeForest {3-1, 5-2} at Monona Grove {2-2, 3-3}---MG is rebounding from a tough season last year. Zach Zweifel is a good guard, they just don't have a post prescence that scares anyone. MG will run into a very good DeForest team, who has only lost to Waupun and Portage two very good teams. Coorough has come on as a great shooter, and is on the end of many eric stewert dishes. I see Deforest by 12.
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Good games coming up this week before the break. Went to the Deforest/Sauk game on Saturday. Deforest is pretty good. I have been critical of them underachieving and not utilizing the talent they always seem to have...but this years team is a lot tougher and a lot less selfish than past teams. This Coolbaugh (sp?) is pretty good and we all know Stewart can play. They have emerged as a favorite. I see them pounding MG. Portage and Baraboo is interesting. Baraboo is playing well. I have to believe all the talk of them losing everything has been motivating. going into Waunakee and beating them is impressive. I heard Waunakee couldnt buy a bucket and looked awful...but either way. Good win. I will take Baraboo to beat Portage. Sauk will get things straight. They are simply too big and strong for MH. MH will play em hard though. Sauk by 6. As for Waunakee. Reedsburg's 1-2 punch could erupt. That game should scare Waunakee. This yrs version of Waunakee plays hard and they are deep...but they don't have the firepower. I like Reedsburg to get a win at home and really make things interesting in the conference race. I think minimum of 3 losses wins this thing.
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