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Hoops2104 3-1
Cannonball6 2-2
ABC 1-3

Anyone who is a fan of the badger north and wants to join our Pick em contest is more than welcome to, make there picks. I will keep track of records by week, just for fun of course.

Tuesday January 5:

Mount Horeb {1-3, 5-3} at Reedsburg {0-3, 1-5}----I like Mount Horeb to get their second straight conference win at Reedsburg on Tuesday. Horeb got 2 huge wins up in Winona at the holliday tournament. Reedsburg also got their first win, defeating Oak Creek at Kettle Moriane on Wednesday. I think Fredrick, Webber, and company are getting more and more comfortable. While Reedsburgs 1-2 punch of Van cleeve and Mazur will win them some games this season, I feel Mount Horeb's supporting cast is much better, and they will come out on top by 5.

Friday January 8:

Sauk Prairie {1-3, 4-5} at Baraboo {2-2, 4-4}---This is a very interesting game. Sauk started the season looking like a force with wins of Madison Edgewood and Prairie du Chien. Then they lost 3 straight conference games, and a holliday game with Wisconsin Heights. Baraboo picked last or second to last by many pre-season picks, defeated Waunakee at Waunakee, but have lost to conference co-leaders Portage and DeForest. I think getting Banks back gives them an experienced guard. I think Baraboo will win a close game by 4, at baraboo.

Saturday January 9:

Game of the week:

DeForest {3-1, 6-3} at Waunakee {4-1, 6-1}---My upset special. I think that DeForest will finally step up and knock Waunakee out of first place for the first time in recent memory. I think the emergence of Ben Coorough to provide a sidekick to Stewert will provide the extra push DeForest needs. I see Waunakee who hasn't played since their game against Reedsburg 12-22, being rusty, and coming out and not playing as well as they can, thus giving Deforest the edge. DeForest by 5

Portage {3-1, 6-2} at Reedsburg{0-3, 1-5}----Reedsburg is a scary team, with Van Cleeve and Mazur. Portage just lost to a good Laconia team in their holliday tournament. I see Portage regrouping behind Hurd, Olson, and Regalia and taking a hard fought battle by 7 at reedsburg. I think reedsburg will get some big conference wins, and may play a role in the conference race, however, I think Portage just has to much for them to win this game.

Mount Horeb {1-3, 5-3} at Monroe {4-1, 6-1}---Barrett, Tordoff, Frint and company will prove to much for a good Mount Horeb team. This game may be closer than people think as the 2009 Playoff game was close. I see Monroe winning this by 12.
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Medieval Tools Enthusiast_old
The Waunakee schedule says they play SPASH on Tuesday 1/5
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If I am 1-3 I better get it in gear. Just pick the opposite of what I do and you will be in good shape.
I like Reedsburg to get off the mat and beat Horeb. Reedsburg must have been ok in the Waunakee game. Mazur goes off. Beavers win.
What has happened to Sauk? Baraboo at home. Baraboo has been the surprise so far.
Monroe over Mt Horeb. Closer than expected. By 8.
Portage all over Reedsburg. Beavers cant win 2 straight.
And yes....I agree that the Norskies beat Waunakee. I have talked about underachieviing with them....do they finally step up and get it done in a big game. I am picking yes.
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yatcuddyer wants in!

Reedsburg over Mt. Horeb-Chad Mazur is looking explosive with the nasty J
Sauk Prairie over Baraboo-D Mack will be too much for the T-Birds and Agent Cody Banks

Deforest over Waunakee-Ben Coboeroeudhgh (spelling?) will light up the gym with his snitchen shot selection

Portage over Reedsburg-The prescence of K Hurd will be too much for teh Beavers

Monroe over Mt. Horeb-Little Tordoff and Barrett 50 Cal are a nice little tandem
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