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How long have I been preaching that wins matter little when it comes to determining how good a pitcher is? The MLB finally gets it.

What are you referring to? The Lincecum and Greinke Cy Young awards? That's how I saw it falling. I thought there was a chance Carpenter or Wainwright was going to get it though. I think Tim struck out over 260. What probably hurt Carpenter was his strikeout totals. If he would have struck out around 180-190, then I bet he beats out Lincecum. I mean Chris had an ERA around 2.2 or 2.3 which is just nuts. Especially coming off the injury last year. You could make an argument for all 3 though, but I think they got it right with Lincecum.

Kaijen will probably throw up some kind of stat though that says some baseball stat guys made up a category that says Carpenter should have gotten it.

Nope. I have no problem with this result.

Now if Pujols doesn't win the MVP with a unanimous vote total there will need to be an investigation.

It's a shame there is not a GREATER award for Pujols.

MVP just seems so lame for his MAGNIFICENCE!!!!![]
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Pujols, is a great player, but there is no way he should ever be compared to Hank Aaron. This morning when I was watching ESPN they compared him to Aaron. Hammering Hank is a legend, matter of fact an ICON! The game know of days is very water down compared to ten years ago. So there no comparison in my eyes. Aaron played in a different era!
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