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Just reminding everyone about this--the games are happening this Saturday (June 18). Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the door.

BOYS - Field House
Division 1: 12:00
Division 3: 1:45
Division 2: 3:30
Division 4: 5:15

GIRLS - Kohl Center
Division 2: 1:30
Division 1: 3:30
Division 3: 5:30
Division 4: 7:30

Six Rivers players participating include:
Wade Torgeson, New Glarus
Travis Mester, Belmont
Mark Neis, Benton

Kim Horsfall, River Ridge
Kelly Kalinowski, River Ridge
Megan Scheele, New Glarus
Shanna Flannery, Argyle
Elisabeth Tomczyk, Monticello
Whitney Wienkes, Highland
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Mad Skillz_old
The D3 South girls team is coached by Joel Babinec (Onalaska Luther), Jim Mossholder, Asst. (Royall), and Mark Ross, Asst. (Onalaska Luther).
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And who is the coach for d4 guys?
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Mad Skillz_old
Coaches for D4 South are Bob Haffele (Randolph), Arnie Oelke-Asst. (Fall River), and Ken Macheel-Asst. (Randolph).
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Mad Skillz_old
Here's how things went yesterday for the SR players:

Boys D3
South 83, North 71
Torgeson 7 points

Boys D4
South 89, North 84
Mester 7 points
Neis 3 points

Girls D3
South 66, North 64
Horsfall 3 points
Scheele 3 points
Kalinowski 2 points, 3 assists

Girls D4
South 53, North 52
Tomczyk 18 points, 8 rebounds
Flannery 1 point
Wienkes 0 points
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Cool, All the South teams won!
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