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Have loved the series. I'm fascinated by the stories, myths, and legends of past players all across the state of Wisconsin. This was definitely the article I was looking forward to reading the most. Having graduated from Newman in 2010 and my dad graduating in '79 I am biased and more knowledgeable of Newman and those eras. The names that came to mind for me before reading the article were Schade, Bliss, Witter, Fischer, the Waldvogels, and Barnett.

A few more notes:
Schade was said to live at the local YMCA. You could go there any time, day or night, and there was a good chance he was balling out.

When Barnett scored 800+ in '94 it was, at the time, one of the top single season scoring records. I think it was somewhere near or in the top five.

I remember seeing and thinking how cool it was when Dave Bliss made the SportsCenter Top 10 a few times with some amazing dunks during his career at Georgia.

Just looking at each player's high school career: Witter is, from what I've heard from multiple people, the best high school basketball player in Newman's history. Newman had some great teams in Bob Gillespie's tenure. As was noted in the article, '78 is widely considered to be the best in school history.

Ben Fischer was the the best athlete come out of Wausau during the '00s. I'm pretty sure that the first points ever scored at new Wausau East gym came on a Ben Fischer dunk (someone please correct if I'm wrong). I've even been told the story of a summer when he played baseball, got injured, batted from the opposite side of the plate and went 4-4 with two doubles. Not sure how true it is but the point is, the guy could do anything..

Perry Waldvogel was a four-sport legend. Set the school record for athletic letters, later tied by yours truly. (Yep, had to find a way to make it about myself ðŸ˜œ.)

Lastly, a special honorable mention to my youngest brother Jake Gajewski (Newman '16). Only played fifteen games his senior year due to a knee injury in the last game of his football season and an ankle injury early in the basketball season. Still managed to average 16+ ppg that year and finished his career with 934 points and a single game high of 36. Healthier with a few more games, who knows how far he might've gotten on the scoring list. Would've been neat to see him crack the 1000 point mark but injuries are a part of the game and life goes on.

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