From Trasher and WIPH :

Wisconsin Hockey Coaches Association

First Team

12 Justin Johnson, Eau Claire North***
12 Travis Erstad, SPASH**
12 Tedd Falk, Homestead**
12 Isaiah Bennis, Eau Claire Memorial
12 Scott Pavelski, SPASH**
12 Karl Burns, USM**
12 Zach Kohn, Arrowhead
12 Ryan Smet, Fond du Lac
12 Ian Andrews, Sheboygan
11 Cody Lettau, Fond du Lac
11 Jefferson Dahl, Eau Claire Memorial
11 Seth Soley, Eau Claire Memorial**

12 Alex Gerke, Tomah***
12 Josh Nelson, Wisconsin Rapids**
12 Evan Jeszka, Kettle Moraine**
12 Tyler Gross, Fond du Lac
11 Brady Keegan, Eau Claire Memorial
11 Ted Behrend, Oregon
11 Tyler Krueger, SPASH
11 Tim Smith, Superior

12 Nick Niceswanger, Tomah***
12 Randy Willis, Fond du Lac
12 Al Armour, Hayward
11 Brady Sand, Eau Claire Memorial
Honorable Mention

12 Jacob Esche, Madison West
12 Shawn Graskey, Superior
12 Spencer King, Homestead
12 Brian Pierpont, Superior
12 Anthony Knuth, Wisconsin Rapids**
12 Brody Zebro, Mosinee
12 Will Mitchell, Neenah
12 Derek Teachout, Waupun
12 Andy Michels, Kettle Moraine
12 Alex Molski, SPASH
12 Matt Mullendore, Amery
12 Braden Zehner, Stoughton
11 Alex Van Kampen, Altoona**
11 Mike Lennon, Baraboo/Reedsburg
11 Nate Condon, Wausau West
11 Casey Kirley, Hayward
11 Charlie Strauss, Northland Pines
11 Trent Frey, River Falls**
11 Kyle Walbrun, Neenah
11 Matt Michlig, Wausau East
11 Kevin Radke, Mosinee
11 Matt Buswell, Tomah
11 Gavin Hartzog, Marquette
10 Jeff Costello, Catholic Memorial
10 Cody Strang, Edgewood
10 Nik Van Vonderen, Hayward

12 Kurtis Muller, Sun Prairie
12 Darth Denter, Tomah
12 Andy Schroeder, Antigo
12 Jordan Speros, Hayward
12 Mike Hicks, Northland Pines
12 Sam Wright, Homestead
12 JD Frank, Kettle Moraine
12 Ethan Hayes, Webster
11 Chase Drake, Mosinee
11 Matt Millis, Black River Falls**
11 Ben Kincaid, EC Memorial
11 Tyler Sorenson, Edgewood
11 David Donnellan, EC Memorial
11 Jeff Burke, Somerset
11 Jack Wigdale, USM
11 Ryan Sykora, Chippewa Falls
10 Taylor Kuypers, Edgewood

12 Dustin LeClaire, Kettle-Moraine**
12 Andy Scheib, Sun Prairie**
12 Kevin Lebert, Lakeland**
12 Hunter Tesmer, DC Everest
12 John Schroeder, Homestead
12 Casey Stern, McFarland
11 Josh Lehr, Appleton
10 Andrew Martin, Stoughton

** 2nd Year *** 3rd Year
"The name All-Northwest itself means something to readers of the Leader-Telegram." ?

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Congrats to both, when I watch Mully skate I think sometimes he was born with skates on his feet.
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Bat Man_old
Yeah on land he's not too fast, put the kid on skates and he can FLY...congrats to both, you did the MBC proud!
Cerrano: Jesus, I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.

Harris: You trying to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?
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ORIGINAL: hwilliamson

Thats a large list of players for hockey. Thats like 30% of all the hockey players in the whole state

That's kind of what I thought. Still an honor though, so congrats to those guys.
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There are 88 teams in the state. If each team has a 20 man roster, that would be 1760 players. 74 players made all state. I am not a math major, but 528 is 30% of 1760.
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