Any word if they have been released yet?
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I heard no one from Manawa made 1rst team. That is hard for me to believe as they did finish middle of the pack. Not like they were terrible this year.
Connor Kurki could be starting QB for Badgers this year no doubt!!
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OK i have the list right here and i am going to try my best. My source is the Herald Advocate from Manawa. If i made any mistakes PLEASE repost them, or let me know the mistake.

Offensive Player of the year : Nate Martin QB
Defensive Player of the year : Chase Szutkowski DL

It will go player/school/Poss./grade


First Team

Matt Lucht, Amherst, Center, Senior
Derek Van Straten, Shiocton, End, Junior
Scott Borgen, Amherst, End, Senior
Adam Greuel, Pacelli, Guard, Senior
Chase Szutkowski, Wittenberg, Guard, Senior
Michael Jurgella, Pacelli, Kicker, Junior
Nate Martin, Amherst, Quarterback, Senior
Brandon Woldt, Bonduel, Runningback, Senior
Ryan Singler, Shiocton, Runningback, Senior
Kamailie Rice, Wittenberg, Runningback, Junior
Jared Feltz, Pacelli, Tackle, Senior
Cory Lynch, Wittenberg, Tackle, Senior

Second Team

Jacob Bedor, Shiocton, Center, Junior
Austin, Brzezinski, Amherst, End, Senior
Curt Leider, Weyauwega, End, Senior
Josh Knorr, Shiocton, Guard, Junior
Chris Chase, Weyauwega, Guard, Senior
Michael, Mortenson, Iola, Kicker, Senior
Dylan Van Straten, Shiocton, Quarterback, Junior
Derek Sumnicht, Bonduel, Runningback, Senior
B.J. Block, Manawa, Runningback, Senior
Calvin Retzki, Pacelli, Runningback, Senior
Zach Beyer, Manawa, Tackle, Senior
Brett Knorr, Shiocton, Tackle, Senior

Honorable Mention

Robby Rusch, Pacelli, Center, Junior
Zak Benhamadi, Manawa, End, Senior
Ryan Zdroik, Pacelli, End, Senior
Erick Stratton, Amherst, Guard, Senior
Bryan Bohm, Bonduel, Guard, Senior
Nicholas Patri, Manawa, Guard, Senior
Steve Meshak, Wittenberg, Guard, Senior
Alex Truax, Bonduel, Kicker, Senior
Brad Buschke, Manawa, Kicker, Senior
Brigham Bramscreiber, Bonduel, Quarterback, Senior
Michael Mortenson, Iola, Quarterback, Senior
Terrell Dreweek, Pacelli, Quarterback, Senior
Kyle Bosquez, Weyauwega, Quarterback, Senior
Kyle Gramowski, Pacelli, Runningback, Junior
Tyler Klasinski, Pacelli, Tackle, Senior


First Team

Brandon Woldt, Bonduel, Back, Senior
Michael Mortenson, Iola, Back, Senior
Kyle Wanta, Wittenberg, Back, Senior
Bret Knorr, Shiocton, Lineman, Senior
Josh Knorr, Shiocton, Lineman, Junior
Chase Szutkowski, Wittenberg, Lineman, Senior
Phil Rutz, Amherst, End, Junior
Jared Feltz, Pacelli, End, Senior
Jeremy, Maves, Amherst, Linebacker, Senior
Adam Greuel, Pacelli, Linebacker, Senior
Ryan Singler, Shiocton, Linebacker, Senior
Kyle Wanta, Wittenberg, Punter, Senior

Second Team

Adam Lee, Amherst, Back, Senior
Spencer Strand, Amherst, Back, Senior
Dylan Van Straten, Shiocton, Back, Junior
Nicholas Patri, Manawa, Lineman, Senior
Chris Chase, Weyauwega, Lineman, Senior
Steve Meshak, Wittenberg, Lineman, Senior
Nate Olson, Pacelli, End, Junior
Jesse Lapinski, Shiocton, End, Junior
Bryan Bohm, Bonduel, Linebacker, Senior
Derek, Sumnicht, Bonduel, Linebacker, Senior
Casey Haase, Weyauwega, Linebacker, Sophomore
Ryan Singler, Shiocton, Punter, Senior

Honorable Mention

Kevin Stroik, Pacelli, Back, Sophomore
Mike Mitch, Pacelli, Back, Senior
Derek Van Straten, Shiocton, Back, Junior
Brandon Brehmer, Wittenberg, Back, Junior
Nick Wohlfeil, Wittenberg, Back, Junior
Alex Truax, Bonduel, Lineman, Senior
Colton Ceplina, Pacelli, Lineman, Senior
Matt Studinkski, Pacelli, Lineman, Senior
Zak Benhamadi, Manawa, End, Senior
Ben Tauchen, Bonduel, Linebacker, Sophomore
Adam Kons, Manawa, Linebacker, Senior
Jestin Heimbruch, Manawa, Linebacker, Sophomore
Terrell Drewek, Pacelli, Punter, Senior
Scott Van Nuys, Amherst, Punter, Junior

CWC-8 Football 2008 Final Standings
These are the Standing Threw REGULAR SEASON ONLY, DOES NOT INCLUDE POST SEASON. Confrence Record First then Overall.

Pacelli 7-0 8-1
Shiocton 6-1 8-1
5-2 7-2
Bonduel 3-4 4-5
Manawa 3-4 4-5
Wittenberg 3-4 3-6
Weyauwega 1-6 1-8
Iola 0-7 0-9

Sorry For any Mispelled Names if Any!

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Also Congrats to:

Nate Martin QB Amherst
Jared Feltz OL Pacelli

For making Honorable Mention on the WFCA All State Team of 2008

Here is the List

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