Does anyone know how the all Conference voting works? Is it the same for all sports? What things are considered in football?
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If your good the coaches vote for you...

It is a scale 1 -whatever depending on how many places at that position are available... Coaches nominate player who they think should get all conference and the other coaches vote on that player, giving him a basic 1st, 2nd or HM vote...

For ex: At Runningback, 3 players can get All conference for each team 1st and 2nd.. so there is 6, 1 being the best and 6 being the worst in second team. If the player gets enough 1-3 votes to override the 4-6 then he will get first team.

This is not exactly how it works but it is along the same lines give or take the numbers.
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Totally missed this yesterday, but the team was released to the Sheboygan Press, usually I thought they waited until a little later. Anyways, here's the team.
Offense First Team
End ? Mike Verfuerth, sr., HG; Dustin Richter, jr., Oz; Tight end ? Andy Pohl, sr., RL; Interior line ? Wayne Paulus, sr., CG*; Jon Petrie, sr., EL*; Craig Schumacher, sr., Oo; Aaron Bley, sr., CG; Austen Jentges, sr., RL; Quarterback ? Mason Anklam, sr., RL; Running back ? Luke Menzel, sr., Oo*; Nic Vrubley, sr., CG*; Colin Horness, sr., HG; Kicker ? Eric Hartnett, so., Oz.
Second Team Offense
End ? Jake Navarro, sr., RL; Tyler Garcia, jr., CG; Tight end ? Mike Keller, jr., Oo; Interior line ? Tyler Weavers, sr., CG; Taylor Verbanec, sr., RL; Nate Drewry, sr., CG; Steven Jacobs, sr., St, Sam Van Tatenhove, sr., Oo; Quarterback ? Eric Dickmyer, sr., HG; Running back ? Spencer Jacque, sr., CG; Tanner Rosso, sr., EL; Jake Menzel, sr., Oo; Kicker ? Andy Pohl, sr., RL.
Honorable mention Offense
End ? Travis Kosnicki, sr., EL; Tight end ? Jesse Anderson, sr., CG; Lee Veldkamp, sr., LKC; Interior line ? Zach Morgen, sr., HG; Travis Carlson, sr., EL; Alex Miller, so., EL; Matt Demler, jr., Oz; Chris Klueger, sr., HG; Brandon Kramer, jr., LKC; Nick Berlick, jr., Oz; Jacob Birenbaum, sr., RL; Quarterback ? Kyle Bruggink, sr., CG; Marcus Buehler, sr., Oo; Running back ? Alex Ecker, sr., St; Mitch Schroeder, sr., St; Deric Lightle, sr., EL; Derek Hess, sr., Oz; Alan Rodriguez, jr., LKC; Kyle Okray, sr., RL; Brett Weind, jr., RL; Kicker ? Nic Vrubley, sr., CG.
First Team
End ? Wayne Paulus, sr., CG*; Jake Menzel, sr., Oo; Interior line ? Jon Petrie, sr., EL; Aaron Bley, sr., CG; Sam Van Tatenhove, sr., Oo; Linebackers ? Spencer Jacque, sr., CG; Zach Morgen, sr., HG; Craig Schumacher, sr., Oo; Defensive back ? Luke Menzel, sr., Oo*; Jake Navarro, sr., RL; Kyle Bruggink, sr., CG; Punter ? Andy Pohl, sr., RL. Second Team D
End ? Austen Jentges, sr., RL; Tyler Weavers, sr., CG; Interior line ? Taylor Verbanec, sr., RL; Chris Klueger, sr., HG; Brant Wilterdink, jr., Oo; Linebackers ? Ian Evans, sr., CG; Steven Jacobs, sr., St; Deric Lightle, sr., EL; Defensive back ? Tyler Garcia, jr., CG; Colin Horness, sr., HG; Travis Kosnicki, sr., EL; Punter ? Nic Vrubley, sr., CG.
Honorable mention D
End ? Aaron Wagner, sr., HG; Matt Wleklinski, jr., HG; Max Laumann, jr., RL; Matt Demler, jr., Oz; Interior line ? Jared Grosklaus, sr., Oz; Travis Carlson, sr., EL; Michael Krueger, LKC; Adam Broehm, jr., St; Linebackers ? Nate Drewry, sr., CG; Jeremy Lewis, sr., RL; Lee Veldkamp, sr., LKC; Derek Hess, jr., Oz; Kyle Okray, sr., RL; Dustin Veldboom, jr., Oo; Kyle Rentmeester, so., EL; Scott Watry, sr., Oz; Zach Webster, sr., LKC; Defensive back ? Dustin Richter, jr., Oz; Nick Petersen, so., CG; Alex Janke, jr., Oz; Alan Rodriguez, jr., LKC; Tanner Rosso, sr., EL; Punter ? Zach Blindauer, sr., LKC.

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