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I said Haass was on his game, he is tough to stop when he is.
"The runner goes, Hall juices it into left center field.....THE BREWERS WIN...."

"And there's a drive into left field, this is hit well, and IT'S GONE....RYAN BRAUN...A 2-RUN HOME RUN, THE BREWERS TAKE THE LEAD..."
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how was i not poy? did they miss the goatee? hell my back and chest hair should have covered what my face might not have sprouted back in high really disappointed...if only i could have had zach johnson's genes [&o]

on a side note...its good to see my hero is still alive and doing well...also, im hoping that my hero is going to take poy this year in baseball...since we know he dominated the poy race for best student section...on his own
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i will leave it at this

the ryan!
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I can't see Haass getting MVP, after Mayville going 6-6 in conference. The likely contenders will be J.T. Schliewe or Kieran Weed someone who has a winning record in conference and is in 1st or 2nd place.
The Question is who do you put on first team after Haass, Weed, Schliewe?
The others could be Mitch Schneider, N. Scharpf, J. Kiesow,
Tyson Apflebeck, Aaron Rickert, Derrek Semenas or 1 KML guy?
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haass vs schliewe

haass 20pts 8 rebs schliewe 23pts
haass 27pts 14 rebs schliewe 12pts

haass vs weed

haass 19pts 8 rebs weed 19pts
haass 19pts 12 rebs weed 16pts

weed vs schliewe

weed 13pts 4 rebs schliewe 20pts 5 rebs
weed 19pts schliewe 21pts

here's how they all came out against each other head to head...i got most of these stats from the reporter and daily they might not be 100% right but should be close...i dont think anyones going to care what mayville finished for a conference record...matt was poy last year and its going to take alot of vote swaying to take that away from one really stood out among the three so im gonna guess matt will have an advantage being the returning poy...if you ask me, i think it will come down to schliewe and haass...but obviously alot more goes into it then just a few stats...whoever gets it, they deserved it as all 3 of these guys do...
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ORIGINAL: TroyBauerIsMyHero_14

He is growing out the goatee though. Its proven fact that 73% of all POYs in the state have some sort of facial hair. Even without it, he's one bad mudda!

our coach made us go clean shavin.......
Favre 4ever
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like i said, its going to be an award that was earned by whoever gets it...the front runners in my mind are weed haass and schliewe...but as you stated, haass struggled a little without apfelbeck in the he was basically a one man team...weed was a huge part of his team, the leader in my mind, but he had a lot more talent around him, but thats not saying he wasnt the best player on the team...just that laconia was the better TEAM...talent wise could be a toss up
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