For Brandon Stokley and Brandon Marshall of the Broncos

Im sure alot of you have seen the game winning TD last night where Brandon Marshall caught the go ahead TD with a minute and change left, and then went to pull out a black and white glove to celebrate the election of Obama, but then Brandon Stokley ran up and pulled Marshall close to him and made sure he didn't get a stupid penalty in a close game denver needed to win.

The best part for me was in an interview I just heard with Brandon Marshall. Not only did he not get the penalty and hurt his team, he learned a lesson.

In todays Professional sports we deal with Prima Donnas like TO, Chad Johnson, Pac Man, the list goes on and on...most of these guys would not only get their way, but complain if they didn't. Brandon Marshall was going to do something to hurt his team, and after it happened he acknowledged that he wouldn't let that happen again. It was a young immature mistake and he learned from it. He was genuine and stuck to his beliefs in the interview, but acknowledged the line between politics/religion and the football field.

Brandon Stokley hasn't had a great season in Denver but was smart enough and respected enough to help his team out.

Just refreshing to see today. I know some people are bashing Marshall for even thinking about doing something like that, but to me its more complicated than that.

To me, this should get as much press as if he would have actually cost his team the game, and that is why I posted it.
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I'm not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of Obama and I don't agree with most if any of his policies. But, to see what he means to black people especially, and even more those who lived through the civil rights movement in the 60's it's pretty amazing. It's great to see how far this country has come since then.
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