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Regardless of the officiating, the bottom line is if they don't lay the ball down on the ground they win the game.

That OPI was pretty brutal, the missed blow to Coan's head on the INT didn't help, but yeah.

As someone who was in the stadium, I can tell you that live, Wisconsin controlled this game in pretty much every facet. The problem was, any mistake made by Bucky was punished to the max by Oregon. Outside of Oregon's first drive, Oregon stunk offensively besides any play coming pretty much immediately following a turnover. Just before Oregon picked up the game-sealing first down, an Oregon supporter behind me uttered, "how are we about to win this game?"

This team was more talented that perhaps they were given credit for, but it just seems that at most big moments they always found a way to stand in their own way and this was no exception.

Regarding QB play/the offense, Coan had some groaner moments this year, still I thought he showed to be more than capable, but the passing game in general needs overhauling. At no point this year did it seem like they schemed appropriately for the talent at hand. Granted Chryst's schemes rely heavy on TEs, and only one of their top five stayed healthy, but still...I think it may be time to move on from the Rudolph/Chryst offensive braintrust.

When you win a lot, the punting game is rarely scrutinized, but I have to wonder if there aren't a few UW coaches today kicking themselves for not moving on from Anthony Lotti sooner. Yesterday was the just the culmination of consistently not being able to rise to the occasion. Speaking nothing of the poor statistical performances his career is rife with, you have a resume chock full of ill-timed bad punts and an uncanny inability to flip fields. Why was he still out there? The dropped snap a few weeks back was just another tick in the "make a switch" column. They didn't and got burned when the moment got too big for the senior.

Failing to rise to the occasion in the biggest moments is becoming this entire athletic program's identity. That'll need to change.
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