Who wins the 2020 Rose Bowl ? 28  votes

 #6 Oregon 9 votes
 #8 Wisconsin 19 votes
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2020 Rose Bowl Game

#6 Oregon (11-2)
vs  #8 Wisconsin (10-3)

Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, CA

Kickoff:  4:00 pm, CST

Television: ABC (local channels)

Spread:  Wisconsin favored by 2.5 points

On Wisconsin !
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George Stacy
can wisconsin string together 4 good quarters is my question?
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I would like the Badgers to be the underdog
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This isn't the Oregon of previous years.  This is a new much more physical Oregon.  They struggle to make adjustments similar to Wisconsin, but have great athletes all over the field.  Troy Dye is someone I would love to see in Green Bay next year, and Kayvon Thibodeaux will be a nightmare to deal with just like Chase Young.  Can our DB's hold up against Oregon's WR,s and can our D Line pressure Herbert.  Oregon has arguably the best LT in the country and arguably the best offensive line in the country overall.  Herbert will be looking to jump up draft charts in this game and will need a huge performance.  Meanwhile, I think Wisconsin will struggle to move the football outside of Taylor again.  Oregon 35 Wisconsin 21.  Thibodeaux will have 2 or more sacks.
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George Stacy
Badgers by 3.
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Just seen we will have to listen to Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit for the game Wednesday.  Herbstreit has become very annoying to listen to.  He has a comment for everything and he falls in love with certain guys and can't say their name enough.  He had to say "Brett Veneble" at least 100 times the other night.  Wednesday, it will be "Mario Cristobal."  Hopefully his name isn't on your drinking card!  If so, prepare accordingly  

Without a doubt, this game comes down to if the Badgers can run the ball and if they can get pressure on Herbert.  If they can do both, they win.  
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You can't turn it over 4 times and win in the Rose Bowl.  But, that was an absolutely horrendous pass interference penalty that stopped the late Badger drive.  The defender steps up into the receiver, past 5 yards and pushed him in the chest.  The explanation that the receiver has to then work off that contact and can't continue to move ahead but should alter his movement is ridiculous.  To make that call, in that situation, in that game, is nonsense!  It changed the end of the game.  Yes, someone would have had to step up and make a field goal, but the call took that opportunity away.  Terrible way to see that game end.  

The Badgers will lose some guys that will go down in team history.  The fortune to watch one of the all time great college running backs comes to an end.  If you are one of the running backs looking at going to a college to get you ready for the NFL - who does that better than Wisconsin?? Or an offensive lineman.  And putting out linebackers hasn't been too shabby either.  I have a feeling we will see this team back in the Rose Bowl soon.  But, this one really stinks!!!
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Disappointing game to say the least, but can’t say I’m surprised. My takeaways from the game:
1) both teams didn’t play their best game, which resulted in a disjointed game without much flow.
2) the officiating was terrible for the most part and seemed to hurt the Badgers more than Oregon. Regardless, the officiating didn’t cost the badgers the game - their sloppiness and turnovers did.
3) the badgers’ offense continues to be inconsistent and lacks any sort of identity/creativity along with subpar QB play. This has been the MO for years now, and it’s starting to get frustrating. Watching the badgers on offense feels like watching the Packers on offense this year...except instead of Rodgers at QB you have a third string Punter trying to play QB. It ain’t pretty.

oh well, there’s always next year...
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The offense seemed to become somewhat more innovative as the year rolled along and the games at Minnesota and the 1st half against Ohio St. were examples of good offense.  Tonight, there were flashes, but also some of the same looks from earlier in the season.  

It just seems like the offense will continue to sputter at times with the lack of any QB threat of the run.  Coan did at Minnesota and some against Ohio St., but only once tonight.  And that run was for a 1st down on about a 10 yard run.  There are no scramble yards and no designed runs.  While this isn't that innovative, look at tonight with Herbert when the Badgers sold out on the running back.  He killed our defense with his legs.  Those extra yards, a couple third down conversions on a scramble, or even the threat of the QB keeping it would seem to slow down the defense and maybe open up some of the other things the Badgers like to do.  
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More of an officiating question when Oregon downed the ball at the four on a punt.  Momentum carried Oregon to end zone with the ball but first touch and possession were in field of play.  Should this have been a touchback?
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It was a tough, physically demanding contest and the chances of which team may win the game by more than ten points was very slim. The mistakes that the Badgers made (four turnovers, botched punt, and penalties) were hard to overcome. Much has been said today about the officiating shown by the crew that was from the Big 12 and I wouldn't doubt in the next few days, the media will let that go so easily. Is the loss disappointing? Yes, all Wisconsin can do learn from it and prepare for the next season. 
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2020 Rose Bowl

at Pasadena, CA

#6 Oregon (12-2)  28
#8 Wisconsin (10-4)  27

Final Score

4 Badger turnovers which Oregon turned into 21 points ... a missed 47-yard field goal by a kicker whom the Badgers had given up on with 3 games remaining in the regular season ... 9 penalties called on UW (by a Big 12 officiating crew which was considerably less than stellar), 3 of which were horrible calls which arguably had a direct impact on the outcome of the game: 


Bucky held a huge edge over Oregon in total yards, time of possession & penalty yards ...

                         OU    UW
Total Yards204322
Pass Yards138186
Rushing Yards  66136
Penalty Yards2-209-79
1st Downs  1318
3rd Downs3-105-17
4th Downs0-14-5
TOP21:57  38:03

Game Recap, Box Score, Individual & Team Stats:

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Regardless of the officiating, the bottom line is if they don't lay the ball down on the ground they win the game.
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5ive wrote:
More of an officiating question when Oregon downed the ball at the four on a punt.  Momentum carried Oregon to end zone with the ball but first touch and possession were in field of play.  Should this have been a touchback?

Not in college. Once possession is established by kicking team, the ball is dead. The rules on downing punts near the goal line in the NFL are absurd. Ball only needs to cross the plane for a TD, but on a punt it can be batted out?
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