2019 Standings


1. Coleman 9-3 (4-0)
2. Crivitz 4-6 (2-2)
3. Northern Elite 2-5 (1-3)
4. Crandon 0-9 (0-4)

Independents: Northland Pines 5-5

Central Wisconsin Small: Menominee Indian 2-7 (1-5)

Marawood: Tomahawk 1-8 (1-4)

North Eastern: Oconto Falls 2-7 (2-6)

The NWFL was formed from the remnants of the MONLPC Small with Northland Pines joining from the Independents, Menominee Indian from the CWC Small, Tomahawk from the Marawood and Oconto Falls from the North Eastern.

NOTE II: Menominee Indian is playing Spring Football


2019 Record: 9-3 (4-0 MONLPC Small)
Average PF-PA: 38.25-10.58
Non-Con: 10/17 at Colby

Notable Returns: Cayden Bintz (QB), Tyler Blanchard (RB), Owen Kinziger (RB)

Notable Losses: Sam Kutchta (RB/LB), Payton Nelson (TE/DB), Trevor Reisner (TE/DB)

Notes: Coleman remained one of the regional powers in D6 as the ran the table in the MONLPC Small en route to a berth in the D6 quarterfinals. The Cougars look to remain the favorite in the NWFL as they are once again loaded on offense. Cayden Bintz returns under center as he passed for 596 yards with 12 TD's while rushing for 293 yards and 8 TD's. Owen Kinzinger and Tyler Blanchard both return as the tandem both rushed for over 1,000 yards and combined for 25 TD's. The only question is on the defensive side of the ball as Coleman loses three of their top four tacklers but the returning experience should help fill that void. A week four non-con at Colby should gauge where the team is at the midway point of the year.


2019 Record: 0-9 (0-4 MONLPC Small)
Average PF-PA: 4.22-34.67
Non-Con: 10/2 vs Oconto

Notable Returns: ????????

Notable Losses: ?????????

Notes: Crandon has struggled mightily after being a respectable program before the merger. However as of now no stats have been recorded for the team on WSN for some time (If anyone from Crandon is reading this please put your stats in!). However a wave of young talent from the middle school program could start helping turn around the downward trend but it'll take some time.

Northern Elite

2019 Record: 2-5 (1-3 MONLPC Small)
Average PF-PA: 16.42-33.14
Non-Con: 10/23 at Norway (MI)

Notable Returns: Landon Kalkofen (RB/LB), Elliot Petersen (QB/DB), Andrew Nimm (RB/DB)

Notable Losses: Josh Wallschager (LB/RB), Austin Planke (RB/LB)

Notes: For only the second time in the co-op's history, the Predators missed the postseason last year finishing a game out of the playoffs. It was a odd year as Sturgeon Bay cancelled their year leaving Northern Elite with only seven games. However it looks like last year could be a hiccup as only three seniors graduate from the team. The offense will improve as Landon Kalkofen and Andrew Niven who combined for 1,200 yards and 10 TD's on the ground return. Elliot Peterson also returns under center to give the offense more bite. The only major losses on the defense is of Josh Wallschlaeger and Austin Plonke whom were their top two tacklers. Also returning is the rivalry with Norway (MI) in week five who spurned Iron Mountain (laughter ensues from Kingsford).


2019 Record: 4-6 (2-2 MONLPC Small)
Average PF-PA: 29.9-31.9
Non-Con: 10/9 vs Colby

Notable Returns: Elian Bauman (RB/LB), Kevin Krychowiak (LB/OL), Mitchell Zorn (OL/DL)

Notable Losses: Jayden Werner (QB/DB), Anthony Jopek (RB/LB) Dawson Andrist (WR/LB)

Notes: The Wolverines offense on any given night last year could keep up with anybody. However the defense couldn't get enough stops which led the Wolverines to a 4-6 record. There are big holes to fill on the offense as QB Jaden Werner who threw for nearly 1,100 yards moves on as well as Anthony Jopek who ran for 766 yards on the ground. It's up to Eian Baumann (41-312 yds) to carry the load on the ground while the QB position could take some time to figure out. The defense should be much improved as three of the top four tacklers return led by Dawson Andrist's 70 total tackles. Colby should provide a gauge of where the team is  in non-conference action early on.

Oconto Falls

2019 Record: 2-7 (2-6 North Eastern)
Average PF-PA: 14.0-31.1
Non-Con: 11/6 vs Clintonville

Notable Returns: Joseph Walters QB/DB), Mitchell Mans (RB/DB)

Notable Losses: Dylan Thomson (RB/DB), Owen Huber (RB/LB), Tucker Booche (QB/DB)

Notes: Falls started to show some signs of competitiveness in the North Eastern after spending a few years at the bottom of the standings. A move to the NWFL could give the program a much need shot in the arm in terms playing programs on their level. The offense welcomes back both their top rusher and passer in Mitchell Manns and Joseph Walters. Defensively Manns returns as the top tackler along with Daylen Hischke and Weston Borkovec. The key for the Panthers to make a move up the standings is getting stops early as opponents outscored them 208-52 in the first half. A matchup against former conference foe Clintonville could cap off a solid year for the Panthers if pieces fall into place.

Northland Pines

2019 Record: 5-5 (0-0 Independent)
Average PF-PA: 22.7-22.4
Non-Con: 10/30 vs Bonduel

Notable Returns: Luke Rhode (RB/LB), Michael Miller (RB/DB), Haskel Parker (OL/DB)

Losses: Kevin John (QB/LB), Ryan Peterson (QB/RB/LB), Mason Birchbauer

Notes: Pines is back in a conference after a two year stint as an independent. They should have some familiarity with the league as they played a few of the teams in the league the last two years. The QB position is going to be a major question mark as both players that took snaps there have moved on. Luke Rhode (104-596-4) and Michael Miller (63-371-4) look to fill the void left by Ryan Peterson (98-976-10) at running back. Haskel Parker is the top returning tackler for the Eagles.


2019 Record: 1-8 (1-4 Marawood)
Average PF-PA: 8.44-46.67
Non-Con: 9/25 vs Marshall

Notable Returns: Logan Bishop (FB/LB), Kade Weniger (TE/DB), Tyler Beck (OL/DL)

Notable Losses: Bodee Imm (QB), Cody Jablonski (QB/RB/DB), Toby Matti (OT/DL)

Notes: It was another rough year for the Hatchets in the Marawood beating only Rib Lake/Prentice to avoid a winless year. Like a few teams in this year a move to this conference could provide better results for Tomahawk. In order for that to happen major improvements must be made on both sides of the ball. The QB position is up for grabs as Bodee Imm and Cody Jablonski both graduated. Logan Bishop returns after leading the team in rushing. The key for the Hatchets is getting the offense time to run plays as the O-Line gave up 20 sacks last year disrupting any offense they had. Defensively they have nowhere to go but up as opposing offenses had free reign gaining 311 yards per game. The key is getting pressure on the QB as Tomahawk got only one sack while QB's threw for 14 TD and 0 INTS. Kade Wenninger and Tyler Beck return to help fix that issue.


1. Coleman
2. Oconto Falls
3. Northern Elite
4. Northland Pines
5. Crivitz
6. Tomahawk
7. Crandon

Coleman is the predominant favorite to win the league this year. Spots 2-5 are going to take some time to settle as there isn't much difference between the programs. I am initially going to give the edge to Oconto Falls for second based on playing a higher level of competition in the North Eastern plus the return of their top rusher and passer from a year ago. I feel like Elite should bounce back nicely from last year and should get the jump over Pines for the time being. Crivitz should be in the mix as well but big losses on offense prevents them from being any higher at the moment. Tomahawk should be better but the gap between them and the middle of the league is too much of a hurdle at this point. I feel that there is going to be more growing pains for Crandon this year but they should show some more improvement as the year progresses.
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I'm really intrigued by this league for a lot of reasons. It actually seems to fit together quite well despite the utter randomness of the teams in it.

For Coleman it's pretty much status quo. Not many are gonna be able to hang with them. Oconto Falls has a real opportunity here to find some success. I have a hunch that Crivitz will slot in third. The rest is a bit of a mixed bag. Numbers are becoming an issue for Northern Elite and now they're no longer one of the bigger fish in the pond. Pines had a slight roster last year (just grades 10-12, mind you) and Peterson was the one that really made things happen. I doubt they have someone to fill those shoes. Perhaps not this year, but Tomahawk is one to keep an eye on. They just upgraded their facilities and Coach Hernandez is really putting his shoulder to the wheel (plus Wing-T!). Crandon is a mystery. Their fall in the Northern Lakes, etc. was shocking, but I guess all smaller schools are susceptible to talent gaps. If they do have a solid group of kids coming up that should change, but it may take some time. - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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