Might as well get this started now.  They're doing 0-3 to the Heat and it'd take a miracle to make anything happen to make this a series.  I find it more likely they absolutely lay down in game 4 and make this series even more pathetic.  It literally could not have gone any worse.  What's that?  It can get worse?  Well, it can with this off-season.

2020-2021 Roster
PG-Eric Bledsoe, George Hill
SG-Donte Divincenzo
SF-Khris Middleton, Thanasis Antetokounmpo
PF-Giannis Antetokounmpo, DJ Wilson
C-Brook Lopez, Robin Lopez

2020 Free Agents
Unrestricted-Pat Connaughton, Kyle Korver, Marvin Williams, Frank Mason III
Restricted-Sterling Brown
Team Option-Ersan Ilyasova
Player Option-Wes Matthews

2020 Draft Picks
-#24 (IND)

2020 Salary Cap
-This cap number is based on a few factors.  I'm assuming Ersan's team option is declined and Wes Matthews declines his player option.  Ersan's option for next season is $7M.  Considering he was almost entirely out of the rotation when Marvin Williams was signed, I wouldn't expect them to keep Ersan who was so limited this season.  Wes is more of a toss up.  He has a player option for the minimum of $2.69M next season.  I don't see him getting much more than that, but he may opt for a similar contract he received last season (a 2 year deal with a player option for year 2).  This would give him the same salary, but an additional guaranteed year.  This cap number also doesn't count towards Sterling Brown's cap hold.  He's a restricted free agent, so the Bucks could renounce him entirely (which is what this number calculates at) which would make him an UFA and would not give the Bucks any matching powers, or they could not renounce him and his cap hold would be about $4M.  They would then have to sign him using an exception or cap room (which they don't really have).  My best guess, based on the fact he hasn't played meaningful minutes in a long time, is they renounce him and try to use those exceptions on players who may be more meaningful.  

This cap number though, also doesn't account for the rookie contract.  A rookie picked at 24th will probably be around $2.5-3M.  But it won't affect the Bucks that much, because they're well below the luxury tax.

The cap hasn't been announced yet.  It was projected to be around $115M, but that doesn't calculate for lost moneys due to the pandemic and subsequent loss of revenue.  The guesses are the salary cap stays relatively the same to not entirely damage teams financial situation which was entirely unknown during the season until the pandemic hit.  It may vary in the future, but it'd give teams at least one full off-season to begin maneuvering for a lower salary cap.

Available Exceptions-
Mid-Level Exception-the most fruitful of all exceptions, the MLE is given out every year to teams without cap space, but below the luxury tax.  The Bucks are in a tricky spot.  Right now, if they renounce Brown, decline Ilyasova's option and Wes Matthews opts out, they sit JUST below the salary cap making them a cap space team.  A team with cap space, has a lesser amount of MLE available to them.  If Ilyasova is declined and Wes declines his option, the Bucks may just not renounce Brown to get them above the salary cap and give them more MLE money. If they are below the salary cap, they become ineligible for the MLE, but are eligible for the room exception.  This was used last season to sign Robin Lopez.  The Bucks were below the salary cap, but didn't have enough to sign a player aside from minimum contracts, so they used the room exception to sign Robin Lopez.  If the cap finagling I just came up with in the Sterling Brown scenario doesn't work, the Bucks are likely room exception teams.

With a projected cap number of $115M, the MLE will be around $10M, the room exception will be about $5.5M so you can see the value of one over the other.

Bi-Annual Exception-
The Bucks have the bi-annual exception available to them as well, this is a much smaller exception, more in the range of one veteran minimum contract.  It'll be around $4M.

Bucks Areas of Weakness-
Wing-With all of their contributors on the wing become FA's aside from Divincenzo, this will be one of the most important positions to upgrade.  Connaughton, Korver and Brown were all minimal contributors night to night.  None of them were overly capable of carrying a large scoring load on a consistent basis.  This needs to be addressed.  Our bench is very weak, scoring wise.

Backup PG-while Bledsoe and Hill remain, there needs to be some overhaul.  Bledsoe is a fantastic defender, but his offense wanes in the direction of net-negative on a night to night basis, and when it comes to a playoff setting, he's schemed for and becomes a non-factor.  And while Hill was good in the regular season, he completely fell off in the bubble.  It's hard to throw a lot of resources at this spot, considering any signing would likely be the 3rd PG unless a trade happens which isn't entirely likely.

Backup PF-we have skated by for the last two years playing small with Middleton or Brown sliding up to PF, or trying to get by with Ersan or Marvin.  Obviously garnering the same level of production from the PF spot when Giannis is off the floor is extremely difficult, but that drop off is so significant.  This is secretly my biggest upgrade need this off-season.
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