NL East: Washington, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami
NL Central: Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona, San Francisco, Colorado, San Diego

AL East: New York Yankees, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay
AL Central: Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago White Sox, Detroit, Kansas City
AL West: Houston, Los Angels Angels, Seattle, Texas, Oakland 

NL Wild Card: Arizona over St. Louis
NLDS: Washington over Arizona, Los Angeles Dodgers over Chicago Cubs
NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers over Washington 

AL Wild Card: Boston over Los Angeles Angels
ALDS: Houston over Boston, New York Yankees over Cleveland
ALCS: New York Yankees over Houston

World Series: New York Yankees over Los Angeles Dodgers

AL MVP: Mike Trout
AL Cy Young: Corey Kluber 
AL RoY: Shohei Ohtani
AL HR Champ: Giancarlo Stanton
AL Batting Champ: Jose Altuve
AL Stolen Bases Leader: Dee Gordon 
Mariano Rivera Award: Aroldis Chapman 
AL Manager: Mike Scioscia
AL Comeback: Miguel Cabrera 

NL MVP: Bryce Harper
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
NL RoY: Ronald Acuna 
NL HR Champ: Nolan Arenado 
NL Batting Champ: Charlie Blackmon
NL Stolen Bases Leader: Trea Turner
Trevor Hoffman Award: Kenley Jansen 
NL Manager: Dave Martinez 
NL Comeback: Noah Syndergaard
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AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Indians
AL West: Astros

NL East: Nationals
NL Central: Cubs
NL West: Dodgers

AL Wild Cards: Red Sox, Angels
NL Wild Cards: Diamondbacks, Cardinals

World Series: Indians over Dodgers
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AL MVP: Altuve
AL Cy Young: Kluber
AL RoY:  Berreto
AL HR Champ: Stanton
AL Batting Champ: Altuve
AL Stolen Bases Leader: Gordon
Mariano Rivera Award: Chapman 
AL Manager: Hinch
AL Comeback: Porcello

NL MVP: Bryant
NL Cy Young: Kershaw
NL RoY: Acuna 
NL HR Champ: Goldschmidt 
NL Batting Champ: Votto
NL Stolen Bases Leader: T Turner
Trevor Hoffman Award: Jansen 
NL Manager: Dave Martinez 
NL Comeback: Bumgarner
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NL Central:  Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
NL East:  Washington, New York Mets, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami
NL West:  Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona, Colorado, San Diego, San Francisco

AL East:  Boston, New York Yankees, Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa Bay
AL Central:  Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City, Detroit
AL West:  Houston, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle, Oakland, Texas

Wild Card Winners:  New York Yankees and Arizona
ALCS:  Houston over Cleveland
NLCS:  Chicago Cubs over Washington

World Series Winner:  Chicago Cubs

AL MVP:  Mike Trout
AL Cy Young:  Chris Sale
AL ROY:  Austin Hays
Manager of the Year:  Alex Cora

NL MVP:  Kris Bryant
NL Cy Young:  Noah Syndergaard
NL ROY:  Lewis Brinson
Manager of the Year:  Mickey Calloway
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Bump.   But not a lot of predictions submitted this year.
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If anyone still thinks that Baez has a better resume that Yelich at this point, they must either be related to Baez, one of Baez teammates, or they are just a HUGE biased "homer."  I said a couple of weeks ago that the winner of the NL MVP would be the guy that had the better stretch run and I still firmly believe that.  With that said, that has clearly been Yelich and their is no argument.  End of discussion!!

Now with that said, I am actually pulling for Yelich to get the Triple Crown today.  I enjoy the way he plays the game, so it makes it easy to pull for him!!!
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"There are three types of baseball players: those who make things happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened."
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I know it always takes this long but good gravy could the MLB drag out their awards any longer?  
11/8 Silver Slugger
11/12 Rookie of the Year
11/13 Manager of the Year
11/14 Cy Young
11/15 MVP

Why don't they just put on an awards show and do all of this on one evening with the players present?  They have their own TV network that would broadcast it. It's to the point that unless you have a favorite player or a player from your favorite team in the running do you even care?
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