Friday, 10/19

Arrowhead at Verona
Milwaukee Hamilton at Muskego
Kettle Moraine at Janesville Craig
Lake Geneva Badger at Mukwonago
Waukesha West at Wilmot
Jefferson at Catholic Memorial
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Arrowhead at Verona - Verona must feel almost like a conference foe at this point for AHS.  Arrowhead's hot streak continues.

Milwaukee Hamilton at Muskego - I do not envy Milwaukee Hamilton.

Kettle Moraine at Janesville Craig - KM tries to chop a little more wood before running into any big boys.

Lake Geneva Badger at Mukwonago - This is a fascinating game between past and present given the coaching ties here, and Badger will leave it all on the field. Chalk this one up for conference strength though.

Waukesha West at Wilmot - West has had a down year, but they're still Classic 8 and this is still Level 1.

Jefferson at Catholic Memorial - Time to see what Memorial's really made of. They deserved the #1 seed and have made it through the C8 gauntlet. Worthy of note: the last time a Fox played QB for the Crusaders, they won a state title.

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Friday, 10/19

at Verona - Likely to be a good game, but we’ll see what happens.

Milwaukee Hamilton at
Muskego - Woof. 

Kettle Moraine at
Janesville Craig - Not like the Big 8 has been abjectly bad in the playoffs. 

Lake Geneva Badger at
Mukwonago - Fully
expect a dogfight, but we will see. 

Waukesha West at
Wilmot - Wilmot is sneaky good. West is tested, but I think the Panthers can win this. 

Jefferson at
Catholic Memorial - Remains to be seen what CMH will do, but I think this team has a really good shot at a state title. 
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Friday, 10/19

Arrowhead at Verona - When you're hot, you're hot. This actually applies to both teams right now, but I think the Warhawks are ready to put a little respect back on the program. Still have fond memories of a very-hyped Arrowhead team getting steamrolled by Verona's ground game back in 2011. Same night Riverside beat Homestead. A night the establishment was rocked one could say.

Milwaukee Hamilton at Muskego - Krause's teams at WAC had a habit of playing tight games vs. MPS teams in the playoffs. Those days are both long gone, for MPS and WAC alike. He never had the size and depth he does this year back in the WAC days...save for maybe '03-'04, which were of course his best Bulldog teams. 😎

Kettle Moraine at Janesville Craig - I'm loathe to pick against the C8 in the playoffs on principle, though KM's odd form all year doesn't have me brimming with confidence here.

Lake Geneva Badger at Mukwonago - The Hensler Bowl...though Muk doesn't quite look like they used to. Tough year for LGB with injuries and inexperience, it was a struggle just to qualify. Still could be a decent game, but the Badgers simply don't have the firepower they usually do.

Waukesha West at Wilmot - Had Wilmot pegged as a team you didn't wanna play as a higher seed...then they go and get seeded third. Heard West requested the 6 seed themselves. A little gamesmanship? Expect a low-scoring game, but Wilmot lacks the offensive horses to win against a team like West without a defensive/ST score or three.

Jefferson at Catholic Memorial - Things suddenly get easy for CMH...that's now how it's supposed to work with this playoffs thing, right?
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"Doin' right ain't got no end."
-The Outlaw Josey Wales
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Arrowhead at Verona: The Big 8 isn't the league that is going to be rolled over by the D1 Classic Eight as in years past but the Warhawks are on a roll at this point. Expecting a close game regardless.

Milwaukee Hamilton at Muskego: Check please. Did Hamilton put a big enough hurt on South to force them to decline a playoff spot?

Kettle Moraine at Janesville Craig: KM needed a late charge to make the playoffs and Craig was very in the mix of the Big 8 throughout the season. I want to pick the Panthers but they haven't won a playoff game since 1999 (0-9 since).

Lake Geneva Badger at Mukwonago: Badger's underwhelming season comes to an end.

Waukesha West at Wilmot: Granted Wilmot has the higher seed but again it's the case of a program that hasn't really fared well in the postseason as of late going up against a playoff tested program.

Jefferson at Catholic Memorial: The Rock Valley has been getting the wrong end of these matchups in D3 and 4 as of late. Looks like it's going to continue this year (Still trying to get over the E/A going 0-9 thing).
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