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You are just as inaccurate. Michigan finished 27th nationally in points given up by their defense.
They finished 5th in the Big 10.
Points is what counts. Hence Michigan's 5-7 record.
I am sure you can find some obscure thing Michigan was 10th in, in defense nationally.
Probably 'total defense', which is yards per game; a nebulous measure for teams that play a weak schedule.
Only OhioState and Alabama broke into the top 20 of the top 4 teams. Oregon and Florida State didn't break into the top 50.
Defensive coaches look at points given up and turnovers - yards given up are way down the list.

Michigan schedule - 2014
App. State, Notre Dame, Miami(Ohio),Utah, Minnesota, Rutgers, Penn State, Michigan State, Indiana, Northwestern
and Ohio State

Yepper!!! A real bastion of offensive powerhouse football there.
Only Ohio State and that powerhouse Indiana were in the top 50 of 'total offense' - another nebulous stat
when it comes right down to it.

Live by the STAT and die by the STAT!!
You can make them say what you want.

Points per game is not a real good stat to use either. Yes, I understand it's ultimately "all that matters" on the scoreboard, but if we're trying to get a more comprehensive picture of a unit's performance, there are plenty of other stats out there.

All told, Michigan's defensive body of work was pretty good last year. These were their national rankings:

Yards/game: 10th
Pass yards/game: 21st
Rush yards/game: 15th
Yards/play: 13th

Accounting for strength of schedule in college football is a sticky wicket, but sports-reference.com has a rating system called the Simple Rating System that attempts to factor in average point differential and SOS. Michigan ranks 15th in the country in that statistic.

Michigan's run defense was a little ahead of their pass defense, but both were more than acceptable, especially compared to some previous years under Hoke.

Feel free to look back. Michigan's defense wasn't the problem during Hoke's tenure, it was an offense that couldn't hold on to the ball or move the ball.

Here is the 2012 season

2011 the won the Sugar Bowl, with great defense.

The points per game skewed for Michigan because they constantly turned the ball over. Hard for the defense to keep people off the board when you rank 121 out of 125 in turnover margin...


Harbaugh will have Urban Meyer retired from OSU by 2020.
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Regardless, the point here is that from a guy who watched Jake Ryan play ever single one of his collegiate games, he should certainly be a solid NFL player for years to come. I don't think he is the next All Pro, but I would view him superior to the likes of AJ Hawk.

Harbaugh will have Urban Meyer retired from OSU by 2020.
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Four recent WIAC football players have been signed as free agents by NFL teams following this past weekend's NFL Draft:

Wisconsin Sports Network Hall of Fame Inductee, 2012
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