Welp, it's about that time. Well, it was actually that time in November to start looking at free agency for next summer when it comes to the Bucks. The Bucks will have about $15 million in free agency money next summer which includes not extending Sessions, Adrien, Udoh. Totally fine with that. I'm skipping over the likes of Lebron and Wade who are likely to accept their player option into next summer. This is who I think will be in free agency.

UFA-Unrestricted Free Agent-free to sign with any team
RFA-Restricted Free Agent-their current team can match any offer

1-Carmelo Anthony-UFA-New York Knicks-Carmelo's free agency is one of the least talked about big stories. The Knicks are an absolute disaster. They have little to offer via trade, have very few draft picks over the next 5 years and have no money for free agents. Why would Melo stay? The only reason is to stay loyal, not be one of those superstars who never had a true home and because NY can offer an extra year on his contract at max level. There are going to be so many teams that are right at or near max level money. Potential suitors are: Chicago, Houston (if they can move the Asik and Lin contracts), a sneaky Philadelphia team (don't count them out!) among others.

2-Dirk Nowitzki-UFA-Dallas Mavericks-there's no way Dirk doesn't resign in Dallas. They've had a bit of a bounce back year and Dirk has made Dallas his home. Unless somebody makes him a grandfather offer that Dallas doesn't want to match (not happening), he's staying put on a less than max large deal.

3-Zach Randolph-Player option-Memphis Grizzlies-Randolph is a sneaky player too. He's 32 years old and has a player option for $16 million next season. If he thinks he can make that up and then some in free agency, he could opt out. It's not entirely likely, but a possibility. He could still garner a 3 yr, $45 million deal. He's had his best year this season in the last three and it may be a smart move for him to look elsewhere since the Grizzlies are perpetual 6th seeds.

4-Greg Monroe-RFA-Detroit Pistons-Monroe is as good as gone. I see a potential sign and trade coming. He could garner a near max deal which would make it difficult for teams to sign him outright. It's probably Detroit's best move considering they can't move Josh Smith's contract, Andre Drummond is their anchor and they need to get somehting for him.

5-Eric Bledsoe-RFA-Phoenix Suns-after blowing up this year before his injury, Bledsoe was on track for a max deal. He has fulfilled every expectation and then some and his in the perfect situation in Phoenix. Phoenix has been posturing to keep him since they traded for him and will likely do so. No amount of money will keep them from matching a deal offered by another team.

6-Luol Deng-UFA-Cleveland Cavaliers-Deng is as good as gone from Cleveland. From day one when he was traded from Chicago, he's hated Cleveland and hasn't played all that well. Deng's big knock is he's already into his late 20's and is injury prone. He is a guy I see gotten for a discount because of these factors, but it's no surprise he'll be chasing money. Cleveland can and probably will offer him the most, locking up their cap and middling in mediocrity.

7-Gordon Hayward-RFA-Utah Jazz-after the Jazz and Hayward couldn't come to an agreement on an extension, questions were raised about if he's available in the free agent market. The Jazz have Favors locked up to a long term deal, have Kanter coming up on the end of his deal. Will they lock up Hayward closing out 50% of their cap on two guys (Hayward and Favors) who have gotten them nowhere? I think Hayward wanted near max, the Jazz wouldn't flinch and they're both going to posture for free agency to allow it to determine his value.

8-Lance Stephenson-UFA-Indiana Pacers-Lance will get overpaid this summer in a bad way. He's not a be all end all and at best, is 4th banana on a championship caliber team. He doesn't light up the box score, but does all the intangibles-defending, passing, rebounding, to garner money. He has to be in the right system though. He's not a green light guy, because he'll shoot under 40% if you give him that. A fair deal is in the realm of $8 million per year, but somebody will overpay in the $10-$11 million range. The Pacers SHOULDN'T pay him that.

9-Pau Gasol-UFA-LA Lakers-Pau will see his last free agency period and I doubt he returns to LA. They're in a complete tear down right now, yet stuck under Kobe's massive extension. They still have Nash's contract as well. Gasol could be gotten for a great price (2/30, 3/40) to help get a team over the hump.

10-Kyle Lowry-UFA-Toronto Raptors-after a massive rebound year, Lowry was a near all-star. He has played so well because he fit so perfectly in Toronto's system. I think Toronto is really at a crossroads with what to do. Was this him playing a contract year type season or is this his true potential? They nearly traded him about a dozen different times. Because they didn't, I'm leaning towards them re-signing him, but they'll have tough competition from teams needing a PG.

11-Marcin Gortat-UFA-Washington Wizards-the Wizards will do everything in their power to keep Gortat on a fair deal. A player of his size and ability though is highly sought after. If the Wizards put out to other teams that they're going to give him big money, those other teams may want to look elsewhere because there are other options via trade for centers of his caliber.

12-Spencer Hawes-UFA-Cleveland Cavaliers-Hawes has always been an empty stat guy, but at 7'1" with the ability to really stretch the floor and occasionally rebound well when he wants to, he could also get handsomely rewarded. He's 25 going on 26 in April and in the right system, could be a great fit for a team.

13-Patty Mills-UFA-SA Spurs-is it the system or is Mills ready to start for an NBA team? At just 25, he's proven to be a lightning rod when it comes to scoring, but he's undersized, isn't particularly effective at running an offense by himself and struggles on defense. He'll be gotten for cheap IMO and will exeed a lot of expectations.
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Whoever ends up with Hayward is going to be a lucky team, at any cost. He's in my top 15 right now.

I would love the Bucks to find a way to unload Mayo and sign him.

It would be nice to see Bucks players pass the ball to Giannis rather than have all his points come off of his own rebounds and steals.
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