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Never heard of him.

Congrats, amped! Well deserved.
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Okay here we go.....

I'm a fan of the high school sports scene here in Wisconsin. I've always liked being at football games at my alma mater West Allis Hale. I've learned to reconnect with the sport that I played at Hale (Tennis) and I decided to give to give coaching tennis at Wisconsin Lutheran College as a assistant. I always have a place in my heart for Hale and WLC and that won't go away anytime soon.

I stumbled upon the site while trying to pass the time at college. I was interested in the detailed aspects of the sports covered on this site. I stuck to the live blogs and I was entertained by the banter that was brought up. The deciding point came after the girls state basketball live blog in late march 2011. I stayed back into the shadows learning the nuances of the forum learning from several long time users. Some things that I learned was not to interupt the current Brewers series streak (sorry Pinetar).

Being from a big public school (Hale went from 1280's to the 1400's when I was there) I wasn't really in touch with the small school scene. However, after my first tour with the WLC Concert Band where I was at Manitowoc Lutheran, Northland Lutheran, Minnesota Valley Lutheran, Winnebago Lutheran, and Lakeside Luthean (You see a pattern here lol) I became immersed in the smaller school scene. I've helped a few coaches (Coach Clache at Menominee Indian, Coach Erickson at Hurley among others) find games which was something I thank my tenure on the Up-Football Forums. I have always tried to keep tabs on the 8-man scene as it continues to grow.

When the 2011 HS football season started I decided to help in the pick 'ems that were always availible. First I shared the pick 'em duties with DB, GMC2009, Butchee20. When basketball season came around I took over the pick 'em duties full time. I always made sure that I made an attempt to set up pick 'ems in boards that have been quiet for awhile (such as Marawood, Heart O' North, Mississippi Valley). There are times while upholding my duties as a full time college student and my pick 'em duties and it was uncommon that I stayed up to three in the morning or using the next day to finish up the next week's matchups.

As a history major, I have taken the liberty of keeping the teams records for every high school team since 2002 (since Wissports has been around) on an excel spreadsheet much akin to michigan-football.com's records. My history major background is always urging me to push back the beginning start year to 2000. That will be my next goal.

Over the course of my 2 3/4 years on the forum I have met good users (and met a few in person) such as DB, GMC2009 (oh where have you gone?), Mick Jagger, Longball, Spike64, Whfan202, Onpackerland, I wish I was a baller, Wlhssuperjake08, and many more. I still plan on being around this forum for a long time to come and continue to contribute in a historical manner.

Thanks to all who voted for me this year,

Joe Herte (Amped0808)

Once A Warrior, Always A Warrior

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Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior
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WLC Men's Tennis: 2013-14 Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference Tournament Champions (13-10)
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Congrats amped, I am glad to see all of what you do on this board is noticed.
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My sincere congrats also amped. Very well deserved for the reasons already mentioned. Welcome aboard!
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As an avid reader, not so much of a poster, of the forums, I'm happy to see that amped was elected. You are very deserving of this esteemed honor. The content, objectivity, and knowledge you bring to the forum is held in high regard from this poster. Congratulations Sir!
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