The FRCC football Schedules for this upcoming season are out and here they are.

Manitowoc Lincoln

8/24 at Green Bay Southwest
8/31 at Sheboygan North
9/7 vs Green Bay Preble
9/14 vs Ashwaubenon
9/21 at Green Bay East
9/29 vs Sheboygan South
10/5 at Pulaski
10/12 at De Pere

Combined Opponents Winning %: 40-41 (.494)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5

Green Bay Southwest

8/24 vs Manitowoc Lincoln
8/31 at Ashwaubenon
9/7 vs Pulaski
9/14 at Sheboygan North
9/21 vs Green Bay Notre Dame
9/28 at Green Bay West
10/5 vs Green Bay Preble
10/12 vs Bay Port

Combined Opponents Winning %: 44-39 (.530)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 6


8/24 vs Sheboygan North
8/31 vs Bay Port
9/7 at Green Bay Southwest
9/14 vs Green Bay Preble
9/21 at Ashwaubenon
9/28 at Green Bay Notre Dame
10/5 vs Manitowoc Lincoln
10/12 vs Green Bay West

Combined Opponents Winning %: 46-39 (.541)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 6

Green Bay Notre Dame

8/24 vs Green Bay East
8/31 vs Green Bay West
9/7 at Bay Port
9/14 vs Sheboygan South
9/21 at Green Bay Southwest
9/28 vs Pulaski
10/5 vs De Pere
10/12 at Ashwaubenon

Combined Opponents Winning %: 35-46 (.432)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5

Green Bay Preble

8/24 vs Ashwaubenon
8/31 vs Sheboygan South
9/7 at Manitowoc Lincoln
9/14 at Pulaski
9/21 vs Sheboygan North
9/28 at De Pere
10/5 at Green Bay Southwest
10/12 vs Green Bay East

Combined Opponents Winning %: 43-39 (.524)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5


8/24 at Green Bay Preble
8/31 vs Green Bay Southwest
9/7 at Green Bay West
9/14 at Manitowoc Lincoln
9/21 vs Pulaski
9/28 at Bay Port
10/5 vs Sheboygan North
10/12 vs Green Bay Notre Dame

Combined Opponents Winning %: 49-37 (.570)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 6

Bay Port

8/24 at De Pere
8/31 at Pulaski
9/7 vs Green Bay Notre Dame
9/14 at Green Bay East
9/21 vs Green Bay West
9/28 vs Ashwaubenon
10/5 at Sheboygan South
10/12 at Green Bay Southwest

Combined Opponents Winning %: 39-45 (.464)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5

De Pere

8/24 vs Bay Port
8/31 at Green Bay East
9/7 vs Sheboygan North
9/14 at Green Bay West
9/21 at Sheboygan South
9/28 vs Green Bay Preble
10/5 at Green Bay Notre Dame
10/12 vs Manitowoc Lincoln

Combined Opponents Winning %: 35-47 (.427)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 4

Green Bay East

8/24 at Green Bay Notre Dame
8/31 vs De Pere
9/7 at Sheboygan South
9/14 vs Bay Port
9/21 vs Manitowoc Lincoln
9/29 at Sheboygan North
10/5 vs Green Bay West
10/12 at Green Bay Preble

Combined Opponents Winning %: 37-44 (.457)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5

Sheboygan South:

8/24 vs Green Bay West
8/31 at Green Bay Preble
9/7 vs Green Bay East
9/14 at Green Bay Notre Dame
9/21 vs De Pere
9/29 at Manitowoc Lincoln
10/5 vs Bay Port
10/12 at Sheboygan North

Combined Opponents Winning %: 37-44 (.457)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 5

Sheboygan North

8/24 at Pulaski
8/31 vs Manitowoc Lincoln
9/7 at De Pere
9/14 vs Green Bay Southwest
9/21 at Green Bay Preble
9/29 vs Green Bay East
10/5 at Ashwaubenon
10/12 vs Sheboygan South

Combined Opponents Winning %: 48-35 (.579)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 6

Green Bay West

8/24 at Sheboygan South
8/31 at Green Bay Notre Dame
9/7 vs Ashwaubenon
9/14 vs De Pere
9/21 at Bay Port
9/28 vs Green Bay Southwest
10/5 at Green Bay East
10/12 at Pulaski

Combined Opponents Winning %: 43-42 (.506)
11-12 Playoff Teams: 6
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FRCC Week 1 Scores

Bay Port 31
De Pere 6

Green Bay Notre Dame 31
Green Bay East 14

Green Bay Preble 21
Ashwaubenon 16

Green Bay Southwest 20
Manitowoc Lincoln 10

Pulaski 57
Sheboygan North 12

Sheboygan South 43
Green Bay West 0

Week 2 : Friday August 31, 2012

Bay Port at Pulaski
De Pere at Green Bay East
Green Bay Southwest at Ashwaubenon
Green Bay West at Green Bay Notre Dame
Manitowoc Lincoln at Sheboygan North
Sheboygan South at Green Bay Preble

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Nice to see the local media cover some of these games. We all appreciate this very much as the community supports our teams!

On local TV (MY 32) Bay Port and Pulaski will be broadcasted. This should be a good one involving these rivals which go back to the old Bay Conference. Pulaski?s former coach of 1 year returns to coach against his former team.

Of course it would be juicier had he been there for many years, done great things then got forced out because he didn?t play a school board member?s kid [:-]

But seriously, with two outstanding coaches and along with the carry over from other sports, this has the makings for a really good one!
De Pere vs Green Bay East should be another good competitive matchup. The schools would border each other?s school districts, however there is a section that separates them where those students attend Southwest. Just pointing out to potential rivalry that could really brew up between these 2 schools! In the past, many of East?s best student-athletes have come from Allouez. They would border De Pere ?only to be divided by this affluent southern section of Allouez where the students cross the Fox River to attend GBSW.

The Red Devils will pride themselves on hitting. De Pere will be looking to recover from the Bay Port loss last week. This game will be broadcasted on the Green Bay Press Gazette website:

The big game I?ve personally been waiting for will be at Ashwaubenon, where the Jags host the Southwest Fighting Trojans. IMO, (....remember I?m a homer!) this has become one of the better "new" rivalries as a result of the Conference Realignment about 5 years ago.

This game will be broadcasted on the radio tonight (AM 1440).

Ashwaubenon and Southwest also border each other. Around the early 00?s Ashwaubenon routed Southwest in the WIAA playoffs (run time) and had the upper hand early when the FRCC was formed.

Then about the 2nd year Bryce Paup took over as head coach, Southwest soundly defeated Ashwaubenon at home. The following season in Coach Jonas? first year, Southwest outplayed our Jags but Ashwaubenon escaped with a win. I remember Southwest drove down near our endzone late in the game. It was on a 4th down play ( FG try?) But I remember Southwest had a bad snap from center that really hurt that potential game winning drive.

I remember that game one or 2 ?non-star? receivers were put in position for Ashwaubenon to make key receptions but they dropped the ball. I?ll get back to this?..

The following game 2 years ago at Southwest, another chapter to the new rivalry was added. It was a great defensive battle. Southwest was up 3-0, when around midfield QB Austin Kassner audibled at the LOS and hit WR Andrew Clark on a big pass play down inside the 5 yd line. This set up the eventual winning TD.

But more drama, as Southwest missed an open receiver in the end zone on the final play of the game while deep in Jags territory.

Last year (again at Southwest due to the scheduling) was pretty much all Southwest. Southwest won some key matchups along the LOS and made a lot of big plays because of this.

Coach Bryce Paup loves scheming defenses, so it?s going to be interesting to see how the Jags move the ball. But back to that above comment on the Jag player(s) who had the opportunity to make plays. This game is important for Ashwaubenon. I feel one key to success for Ashwaubenon, is some ?non-star? player is going to have to step up on offense! He?s going to have to catch those passes and/or pick up those needed yards when his team calls on him.

If you?re in the area and want to catch a game- check this one out!

Other than that- Sheboygan South vs Preble could be pretty good too!
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FRCC Week 2 Scores

Bay Port 56
Pulaski 35

De Pere 31
Green Bay East 7

Green Bay Southwest 43
Ashwaubenon 13

Green Bay Preble 57
Sheboygan South 7

Green Bay Notre Dame 42
Green Bay West 0

Manitowoc 49
Sheboygan North 12
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From the FRCC Website, standings after 2 weeks:

BAY PORT 2 wins 0 losses 87 pts for 41 pts against

GB PREBLE 2 wins 0 losses 78 pts for 23 pts against

GB SOUTHWEST 2 wins 0 losses 63 pts for 23 pts against

NOTRE DAME 2 wins 0 losses 73 pts for 14 against

DE PERE 1 win 1 loss 37 pts for 38 pts against

MANITOWOC LINCOLN 1 win 1 loss 59 pts for 32 pts against

PULASKI 1 win 1 loss 92 pts for 68 pts against

SHEBOYGAN SOUTH 1 win 1 loss 43 pts for 63 pts against

ASHWAUBENON 0 wins 2 losses 29 pts for 64 pts against

GB EAST 0 wins 2 losses 21 pts for 62 pts against

GB WEST 0 wins 2 losses 6 pts for 85 pts against

SHEBOYGAN NORTH 0 wins 2 losses 24 pts for 106 pts against
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Here are the Week 3 FRCC games Friday Sep 7, 2012 (all games 7pm)

Green Bay Notre Dame at Bay Port

Sheboygan North at De Pere

Pulaski at Green Bay Southwest

Ashwaubenon at Green Bay West

Green Bay Preble at Manitowoc Lincoln (Ron Rubick Municipal Field)

Green Bay East at Sheboygan South

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Week 3 FRCC scores:

(I threw in some article highlights from the Green Bay Press Gazette)

Green Bay Southwest 22
Pulaski 15

McMahon 25 yd TD pass to Tomaszewski with 32.5 seconds left in 4th gets the win.

Green Bay Preble 49
Manitowoc Lincoln 14

Jake Wallenfang scores 4 TD?s and rushes for 295 yds in first half (Add 1 more in 2nd before sitting out).

Bay Port 35
Green Bay Notre Dame 3

Pirates convert 3 second-quarter interceptions into 14 points.

De Pere 44
Sheboygan North 14

De Pere?s Evan Zellner scores on 3 TD runs. 3 other different De Pere players score too.

Ashwaubenon 48
Green Bay West 0

Jake Zills scores 3 TDs while James Morgan throws 2 TD passes in win. Jags Emmitt Carpenter kicks a 49/50 yd field goal.

Sheboygan South 26
Green Bay East 19

Sheboygan South spreads the ball around as 4 different players score TDs. (2 by running and 2 by passing).
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Here are the latest FRCC standings as of Sep 13, 2012:

Bay Port 3-0
Green Bay Preble 3-0
Green Bay Southwest 3-0

De Pere 2-1
Green Bay Notre Dame 2-1
Sheboygan South 2-1

Ashwaubenon 1-2
Manitowoc Lincoln 1-2
Pulaski 1-2

Green Bay East 0-3
Green Bay West 0-3
Sheboygan North 0-3

Here are the Week 4 FRCC games Sep 14, 2012 (7pm):

Bay Port at Green Bay East
De Pere at Green Bay West
Ashwaubenon at Manitowoc Lincoln
Sheboygan South at Green Bay Notre Dame
Green Bay Preble at Pulaski
Green Bay Southwest at Sheboygan North
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FRCC Week 4 Scores:

Bay Port 55
Green Bay East 12

De Pere 52
Green Bay West 6

Green Bay Notre Dame 41
Sheboygan South 27

Green Bay Preble 26
Pulaski 19

Green Bay Southwest 58
Sheboygan North 0

Manitowoc Lincoln 36
Ashwaubenon 26
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As you can see, not many of the games were very competitive this past week. Ashwaubenon/Manitowoc Lincoln was pretty good- a long game just like the Ashwaubenon/GB West game the week prior.

With respect to Pulaski, probably the most exciting FRCC game this past week was Green Bay Preble at Pulaski. I say this because it was a tough loss for the Red Raiders. The Hornets came back from behind and won in the final minutes. Preble QB/DB Will Daniels really showed a lot of leadership. With the game tied and Pulaski with the ball, Daniels first makes the interception.

Then right after the interception, he leads the team on a game winning drive as the QB. One play he makes things happen running out of the pocket, then he throws the eventual game winning TD pass.

Am going to post the FRCC standings here. I want to point out Pulaski. What's tough for them is they are 1-3. Their 3 losses came to all 4-0 teams. It's going to be interesting to see when the regular season is over, where Pulaski and De Pere finish. De Pere is 3-1, with their 3 wins coming against teams who are currently 0-4.

I don't mean any disrespect to De Pere, as they are playing the cards dealt. Just pointing out these things happen when you have 12 teams in a football conference.

Both schools lost to Bay Port, and De Pere and Pulaski do not play each other this year. I think for the most part though, it all works out in the wash when all is said and done.

I hope []

FRCC Standings after 4 weeks

Bay Port 4-0
Green Bay Preble 4-0
Green Bay Southwest 4-0

De Pere 3-1
Green Bay Notre Dame 3-1

Manitowoc 2-2
Sheboygan South 2-2

Ashwaubenon 1-3
Pulaski 1-3

Green Bay East 0-4
Green Bay West 0-4
Sheboygan North 0-4
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This post is just for fun. Please don?t get excited over it. I was curious to see what would happen if the FRCC used any type of point system to rank their teams outside of wins and losses.

So for fun, I took another states point system. Some states use computers, others use points, some put names on balloons & throw darts, etc. (Just kidding on the darts). I used one of Colorado?s systems. What they do in this state is they have smaller conferences (5-7 teams) all based on enrollment size. The conference champion automatically makes the playoffs. (In some divisions it?s the top 2 in each conference.)

Then they fill the remaining playoff teams based off of points. Or they call these teams ?Wild Card? teams. At the end of the regular season a committee computes the points earned. They use 2 charts. One is ?Victory Points.? (Points earned for teams you defeat). The other chart is ?Defeat Points? (Points you get for losing.)

Both victory points and defeat points charts are broken down into school size/classisfication and how many wins your opponent had. So naturally, the larger the school you defeated and the more wins they had- the better.

A team can also get more points by defeating a strong smaller school than a weak one your own size. (But not by much) Again, this won?t happen, don?t worry it?s just for fun:

If the season ended today, here?s how the FRCC would look:

Green Bay Preble 4-0 (372 pts)
Green Bay Southwest 4-0 (366 pts)
Bay Port 4-0 (358 pts)

Green Bay Notre Dame 3-1 (336 pts)
De Pere 3-1 (330 pts)

Manitowoc 2-2 (280 pts)
Pulaski 1-3 (273 pts)
Sheboygan South 2-2 (237 pts)

Ashwaubenon 1-3 (195 pts)

Green Bay East 0-4 (180 pts)
Sheboygan North 0-4 (175 pts)
Green Bay West 0-4 (155 pts)

So far one thing worked out, in head to head games those teams that won are currently higher. These points will get adjusted as the season moves along.
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Again- this is just for fun- I added some neighboring D2 teams. Hortonville from the Bay Conference and Kaukauna & Menasha of the VFA. Same points charts.

Area D2 teams

Green Bay Southwest 4-0 (366 pts)

Menasha 3-1 (335 pts)
De Pere 3-1 (330 pts)
Hortonville 3-1 (279 pts)

Pulaski 1-3 (273 pts)
Shawano 1-3 (196 pts)
Ashwaubenon 1-3 (195 pts)

Kaukauna 0-4 (185 pts)
Green Bay West 0-4 (155 pts)

A few notes-

- Like many states- "Wins are wins" and this is where teams rack up points.
- Like many states, it uses the theory the larger the school the stronger the football program should be. We all know this isn't always the case. This is where some states try to fix it and things really get complicated.
- NC games are included.
- With 2 less wins, you can see how close Pulaski is to Hortonville because of the size schools they play (only 6 pts behind).
- Although Kaukauna & GB West are 0-4, the Ghosts get more "defeat points" due to playing more larger schools.
- I should go back and include Shawano. update: Shawano included.
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For fun I thought I would look at some of the D3 teams in our area. There are some pretty good teams like West De Pere and Green Bay Notre Dame. Also Seymour is having a good year and then in some nearby conferences there?s Waupaca to the west and Plymouth to the east.

All of these schools will make the playoffs. As of today, let?s see how the point system I?m using would weight them:

- Seymour 4-0 (338 pts)
- Green Bay Notre Dame 4-0 (336 pts)
- Little Chute 4-0 (313 pts)
- Waupaca 4-0 (312 pts)
- West De Pere 4-0 (297 pts)
- Plymouth 4-0 (291 pts)

So it should be interesting to see what happens as the season moves along. As we?ve seen, West De Pere is blowing their opponents out of the water again this year.

Just to explain where some of these schools got their points-

* Notre Dame defeated two D1 and one D2 schools. Although these opponents don?t have any wins, the Tritons earned good ?Victory Points? for playing & defeating larger opponents.
* Plymouth is the only school in this group who played an opponent one division lower. That win didn?t count as much.
* Seymour has defeated opponents that have more wins to date. This is what helped them.
* Looking at Waupaca and Little Chute, LC?s opponents have more wins. Waupaca defeated 2 schools with 0 wins and a higher level opponent with 1 win, and they balanced out close.

Again, especially when the teams play head to head a lot of this should balance out. Hopefully it can stir things up though.
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Felt like posting some FRCC football thoughts if I may-

For those interested, My New 32 will televise the Green Bay Notre Dame at Green Bay Southwest game tonight. (7pm)

This has been a good rivalry for many years now, and what makes it pretty exciting is many of the players played together as teammates in their youth feeder system. The Trojans football program is probably at an all-time high right now. Meanwhile Green Bay Notre Dame themselves have always been an outstanding program . Both schools have top notch coaching too. Yes, the Tritons were blown out by Bay Port this season, but in a rivalry game, anything can happen.

Pulaski at Ashwaubenon should be another very good game. The 1-3 records they both have don?t really reflect the quality football teams they really are. Both are old Bay Conference foes who had many good games years ago. But around the mid 2000?s the Red Raiders football program dropped a notch or two and some years dwelled in the Old Bay Conference cellar those years with teams like Marinette and Seymour.

But like legendary UM football radio announcer Bob Ufer once said??We wrap fish in yesterday?s newspaper.?

In recent years Pulaski has gotten serious about football , brought in new coaching blood and it?s been a pleasure to ?have them back.? The Red Raiders/Jaguars rivalry is renewed. Three seasons ago as Ashwaubenon was driving for the game winning field goal try, the Pulaski defense kept a Jag player with the ball from going out of bounds which prevented stopping the clock. This preserved the win for Pulaski.

Two years ago the Jags jumped out to a 3-4 TD lead, and when Pulaski figured things out it was a little too late for the Ashwaubenon win. Then last season Ashwaubenon fought from behind to send the game into OT, which was won by Pulaski.

The Bay Port vs Green Bay West game- In recent years things once got ugly in the sportsmanship department when these two teams played. In the newspaper a game write-up mentioned trash talking/taunting and one team running up the score. While many have a hunch how this game will go, let?s practice some of the character/values Vince Lombardi stressed when he coached the Packers. These teams are better than what happened that game.

DePere playing Sheboygan South appears to be a good one! This could be a very exciting and competitive game. Both of these programs have been trying very hard and this is one series that has always had the potential in the ?new rivalry? department.

Manitowoc Lincoln playing Green Bay East and Green Bay Preble playing Sheboygan North are two games involving opponents at different tiers within the FRCC. The Ships should bounce back after last week . While East and North rebuild we know they will dig down and give their best effort.
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FRCC Week 5 games September 21, 2012. 7pm

Pulaski at Ashwaubenon

Green Bay West at Bay Port

Manitowoc Lincoln at Green Bay East

Sheboygan North at Green Bay Preble

Green Bay Notre Dame at Green Bay Southwest

De Pere at Sheboygan South

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