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DYNEX wrote:

Ok sure buddy

I am tired of hearing that lame arguement that its on sections and locations because that is so wrong. Why is Whitefishbay moved in d2 and replaced by New Berlin Eisenhower?? Cuz New Berlin is closer to Milwaukee yaaa right

Its straight because either washington or king will advance and so will hamilton so we will have 2 at the tourny so its all good to me

Your initial argument/point is that (within) D1 ... given the competitivenes in the Milwaukee sectional (and Madison sectional as well) it is very likely a highly deserving team(s) will not make it to Madison in lieu of other teams from other sectionals.

Bottom line is ... you're right -and- get used to it ... it is just the way it works. The WIAA is very intent on getting a cross-sectional representation ... always have that agenda and always will!
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The Wild Rover_old
D-2 Sectional 4 looks about as fairly balanced and divided geographically as you can get. So, I don't understand the complaints.
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