So with 10 games in for most teams, we have seen a small snippet of what have been draft booms and busts. 10 games although, is only a sample of what we'll see and you're suppose to wait 3 years before truely judging a draft class, but why not after 10 games?

1-Clippers-Blake Griffin-who didn't see this coming? Griffin blowing up his knee before he even got to really step foot on an NBA court. From the little bit I saw of him in pre-season, he reminds me a lot of Amare Stoudemire. A power player on the inside, solid rebounder, high flyer, pretty poor in the low post on defense, doesn't block shots like he should. He should be really effective for the Clippers though when he comes back. The Clips are having to give a lot of PT to Kaman and Camby together and it's just ugly on both sides of the floor with them playing together. Griffin should ease some of that pain when he can come 20 games or so. Unless he comes back and takes the league by storm though, we can pretty much count him out of the ROY.

2-Grizzlies-Hasheem Thabeet-well...what else did you expect from Chris Wallace but the biggest bust in the draft? He gets outrebounded and is averaging like 11 fouls per 36 minutes. He just isn't NBA material. With such a great PG class, the Grizzlies should have went with one who can distribute the ball. The problem was no PG was worthy of being taken this high (or so we didn't think on draft day) and no team wanted to trade up to #2 with the Grizz getting fair trade value...but Wallace doesn't know what that means.

3-Thunder-James Harden-he hasn't found his shot early on and isn't starting. He has been overwhelmingly above average distrubing the ball averaging 6 assists per 36 minutes. I expect him to come along just fine and find his niche on this young Thunder team.

4-Kings-Tyreke Evans-the Kings got a gift in Evans at 4. He played pretty poorly early on when given the reigns at the point but has blown up since Kevin Martin went down with injury and Evans got the start at the 2 where he belongs. The Kings could really benefit from trading Martin. Although he has a lengthy contract, but at a reasonable price ($9 million) for a guy who can score.

5-Minnesota Timberwolves-Ricky Rubio-this pick wouldn't have been so bad if they wouldn't have taken Flynn at number 6. It kept Rubio overseas and is expected to stay there for at least 2 more seasons, possibly 3.

6-Timberwolves-Johnny Flynn-Flynn has played really well for the Timberwolves and should considering he's their only guard that can really score. He's the PG of the future for the Wolves...but where does that leave Rubio?

7-Warriors-Stephen Curry-statistically Curry has played really well. 10 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 1.5 steals with 44% from the field, 40% from 3 in 28 minutes per game but the Warriors are just a mess. Nelson doesn't know how to use his players and Curry is getting the short end of the stick. I think once they find a new coach or Curry gets traded and he is a starting PG, he'll really flourish. His size and ability makes him a tough matchup, but I don't ever see him being an elite PG. At 6'5", no matter who you are, it's going to be tough to be an NBA PG.

8-Knicks-Jordan Hill-when you can't crack the rotation on a team who is 1-11 who needs hustle, boards and blocked shots up front and that's your niche, something's not right. The Knicks bomb another draft pick. Horrible pick by Walsh. You're going for a big name in 2010 and have Chris Duhon as your starting PG and Nate Robinson is on rental for 1 year, you take the best PG available which was Brandon Jennings. It doesn't help that Jennings has looked like a repeat all-star for years to come either.

9-Raptors-Demar DeRozan-I haven't watched any Raptors game yet but the sentiment from the fans is DeRozan is lazy, a poor defender and ballhandler and can't shoot worth a lick. Marco Belinelli has thrived off of DeRozan's poor play and has earned himself a starting spot at the 2.

10-Bucks-Brandon Jennings-does anything really need to be said?

11-Nets-Terrance Williams-nobody expected Williams to be a scorer when he came into the league and he's either okay or really, really off on any given night, but he rebounds, dishes and defends like he'll have a 10-12 year career in the NBA. If he can keep his head on straight and get help with his shooting touch, he could be a really solid starter.

12-Gerald Henderson-he didn't play much when the Bucks played the Bobcats so I haven't seen him yet. He could get some solid minutes though now that Bell is gone and Jackson is more of a 3 than a 2. He's got some potential.

13-Pacers-Tyler Hansbrough-he's been incredibly efficient when given minutes. A good pick by the Pacers who were stuck in a rut after Jennings and Williams went off the board. Trouble for Hansbrough is though that Hibbert has been playing extremely well and Murphy would be so difficult to trade with such a bad contract and bloated statistics, so he may be riding the pine for awhile.

14-Phoenix Suns-Earl Clark-in the limited minutes he's been given, he's played well. He's a natural fit for the Suns, but Grant Hill is playing like he's 25 again and Jared Dudley is finally coming around so Clark will be hard pressed to get serious minutes this season.

15-Detroit Pistons-Austin Daye-I had serious questions about Daye coming in to the NBA. Reminds me a lot of Nikolov Tshkitishvili who was a ginormous bust years ago. A 6'11" SF who can shoot and do pretty much nothing else doesn't spell a long career in the NBA. Pistons management is running this team into the ground with no sign of a future.

16-Chicago Bulls-James Johnson-He would be logging a lot of minutes right now if Deng wasn't playing so well and Taj Gibson exceeding expectations. If Tyrus Thomas gets traded, Johnson could get some time off the bench towards the end of the season.

17-76ers-Jrue Holiday-this is the guy I wanted in the draft. I like Holiday's game and he seems like a natural fit as the 6th man, but the 76ers for some reason continue to play Royal Ivey and Willie Green over him. He's got a future in Philly if the Sixers can find a trade partner for Dalembert or Brand since they may have to toss in Louis Williams as a pot sweetner.

18-Nuggets-Ty Lawson-has played like the 2nd best rookie in the draft in limited minutes. He's going to be a star in the NBA in the future, but right now he needs to just take his minutes and learn from Billups.

19-Hawks-Jeff Teague-has had a number of god awful shooting nights. One preseason game in like 15 minutes he was 0-12. Not sure where he fits in, but is just another PG bust by the Hawks to follow suit like Acie Law.

20-Jazz-Eric Maynor-Jazz fans are stuck in a rut it seems. Maynor runs the offense much more smoothly than Deron Williams does but D-Will is their man. I bet Maynor finds a new home in a few years and has a productive career elsewher since the Jazz aren't parting with Williams.

21-Hornets-Darren Collison-CP3's injury was a blessing in disguise for Collison. He doesn't have to come off the bench and try to show what he's got, he gets the start with Paul out and can just play his game an has been getting the young guys involved as Julian Wright and Marcus Thornton have played really well with Collison at the helm. This also begs the question, do the Hornets trade Paul? They could lose him in 2012, this year or next year, if they can't find talent to surround Paul with and make a run, their best bet may be to trade Paul for some serious value and not have worries about who will run the point.

22-Blazers-Victor Claver-in Europe.

23-Kings-Omri Casspi-I caught a bit of the Kings game a few nights ago and I swear that guy is a Nocioni clone right down to the hair. A tough, strong wing who does all the dirty work and hits the 3. Should have a future in Sactown.

24-Thunder-BJ Mullens- a serious project at center, hasn't played yet in regular season, but has some potential as he is very, very young

25-Mavericks-Rodrigue Beabuois-the Mavericks future PG post-Jason Kidd. He shut down BJ3 when he was on the court the other night. Thankfully Carlisle doesn't know talent when he sees it and proceeded to keep JJ Barea on him and continue to get lit up. Beabuois is a lightning quick guard with a soft touch. I really like his game and he should excel at the NBA level

26-Bulls-Taj Gibson-has boomed in Chitown. Got lucky after an injury to Ty Thomas and has started since and may not relinquish that spot even after Thomas comes back.

27-Grizzlies-Demarre Carroll-I have absolutely no idea

28-Timberwolves-Wayne Ellington-this was sort of a desperation pick for the Wolves since they needed another wing player who could shoot. Out of his comfort zone in the NBA, I don't expect him to have much of a career

29-Knicks-Toney Douglas-Knicks fans love him. He's a pure scorer off the bench and not much else. Reminds me of Jannero Pargo with better athleticism

30-Christian Eyenga-playing overseas. The Cavs really f'ed this one up with guys like DeJuan Blair on the board, but I guess they didn't have any roster spots to give up so they had to stash someone away
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