The Fielding Bible has announced its award winners for the 2008 season and has posted their Plus/Minus leaders. Here's the [link=]award team[/link]. Of note, JJ Hardy finished second in the voting for shortstops and Jason Kendall tied for second for catchers.

For those that aren't aware, Plus/Minus rankings are tabulated by viewing every defensive play and determining if the average player at that position has made that play a certain amount of times. It is much more advanced than Range Factor or Zone Rating in that it takes in initial defensive positioning, rewards good plays more, and was created as and endorsed as a superior system by the guy that designed the other/older ratings (John Dewan). You can get a full breakdown on the site linked above.

For Plus/Minus leaders among Brewers:

Prince Fielder -12, fifth worst among 1st basemen
Rickie Weeks was not listed as he was not among the 6 worst at his position
Bill Hall was not listed as he was not among the 6 worst at his position. This isn't surprising as Hall made a number of great plays this year that would off-set a lot of his errors.
JJ Hardy +19, third best among shortstops; kinda blows all that "JJ isn't a good fielder" bologna that some people throw out there out of the water doesn't it. JJ is the fifth best shortstop over the last three years according to the rankings.
Ryan Braun +9, eighth best among leftfielders
Mike Cameron +8, tenth best among center fielders
Corey Hart is not listed in Top 10 or bottom 6 among rightfielders
They do not rank catchers.

[link=]Here's the complete infield list[/link]
[link=]Here's the complete outfield list[/link]
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Range factor has always been a deceiving stat for J.J. Hardy. His zone rating has been poor but his plays made out of zone has been great, and basically it is a function of the fact that the Brewers under Yost put on more defensive shifts than probably any other team in the league, so ratings that don't take into account the shifting don't give an accurate reading of Brewers players, and Hardy in particular since he does the most shifting.
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