I know we're not supposed to talk about politics here, but this is so annoying.

[link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyvqhdllXgU]Exhibit A[/link]

I'm sure you've heard that by now, it's been out a while.

On top of that, I was reading some boards (been at school all day, haven't seen/read much about the election till now), that in some counties, Barack is getting 100% of the black vote.

Seriously think about this. Could Barack possible win in any other year? The table, the scenario, however you want to kick it off, has been set absolutely perfectly for him to win. The man hasn't even served a full term in the Senate and he's been blowing away McCain for a while.

1) Bush's approval rating is in the low 20s.

2) The disapproval of nearly all Republicans is growing.

3) [link=http://www.ldsmag.com/ideas/081017light.html]Exhibit B[/link], Credit/Housing/Economic crisis has caused people to look at this administration in a very negative way. The thing is, this housing crisis goes WAY back. [link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNAapMpetvw]Exhibit C[/link]

Who is more likely to give sub-prime loans with adjustable interest rates that would make the payments astronomically huge to poor people? Democrats or Republicans? Hmmm

Republicans are all for regulation upon more regulation. Now, this can all succumb to CEO's that are in place for 2 years or so and just care about themselves without regard to the future of the companies they are brought in to run. That, essentially greed, has no discrimination towards political party.

Now we can blame Bush for some things. 1) Who cuts taxes while going to war? We've NEVER done that, till he came along. Republican values are about small government, which leads to less spending. However, I've read that Bush has never vetoed a dang spending bill while in office. Perhaps someone could check that fact for me.

We need an ACTUAL Republican to fix this mess. I don't think giving Obama the reigns to this machine is responsible. He wants to redistribute the wealth... what a crock. I want to see what the market is going to do now. The markets are driven by basically two things, greed and fear. Obama raising the capital gains tax is going to scare investors. And all of Obama's talk about "tax loopholes" for corporations... is another crock. I was at KPMG (Big 4 Accounting Firm) today with Beta Alpha Psi (business organization at UWM), and I was talking to a damn corporate tax professional about this very thing. It's a bunch of BS.

Obama is slowly going to turn this country even more into a welfare state. With a Democratically dominated Congress, it won't be as difficult either. Next thing you know, we're going to be like freaking Finland; Assessing higher fines to speeders just because they make more money.

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