Amery 38
Osceola 36

1 2 3 4 f
Ohs 13 14 5 4 36
Ahs 8 9 11 10 38

OHS. Nelson 5, Pauley 13, Pittman 4, Seiberlich 8, Johnson 5, Bussewitz 1
3's Nelson 1, Pauley 2

Amery mcLeod 5, Gehrman 10, Elwood 10, Keohler 5, Appel 7, Leisz 1
3's Mcleod 1, Elwood 2, Keohler 3

Game of two halfs and why when these two teams play you can throw records out the window.
Amery enters 0-3 and Osceola 3-0 and as St Croix always says, in the MBC expect the unexpected.

First half was alot of what we had seen from the Chiefs. Steady defense, good rebounding and solid play on both ends. That explained the 27-17 OHS lead at the half.
The second half Amery turned it around and got it down to 1 point at around the 2 min mark of the 3rd. OHS fought off the charge and got it to a 4 pt game to start the 4th. Pauley had picked up his 4th and around the time and had to ride the pine for a bit. Some pressure def and some ill timed OHS turnovers gave the Warriors the opportunity to capitalize late in the game and they took a 2 point lead with :20 to go. The chiefs last sec attempt fell short and that was all she wrote.

Congrats to the Warriors on a hard fought game, and OHS can take from this game a lesson.
Value every possession, limit turnovers and take no game for granted. Keep playing tough defense and the season will be a success.

PS. Hats off to Rohlman tonight for your def play on Koehler. I'd say you kept him about 10 pt's below his ave so far. Even Coach Kellogg mentioned it on the radio.

"The name All-Northwest itself means something to readers of the Leader-Telegram." ?

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