• Training section of WSN

    by travis12: Wisconsin Sports Network is excited to announce a new site section focusing on training. The section will feature videos from five of the top sports...

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    Started by travis12

  • MyFitnessPal

    by newmen: Just thought I'd let everyone who still comes around here know about the MyFitnessPal app. Has an incredibly large database with millions of...

    4 0 3,584

    Started by newmen

  • UWM bans tank tops

    by cameroncrazies02: UWM Klotsche Center (gym on campus) has banned all tank tops, cut offs and sports bras. Look, I'm an alum and I went to Klotsche about 4x and each...

    17 0 4,933

    Started by cameroncrazies02

  • What do you think is best?

    by twista05: I'm switching my workouts up to do only one area of the body each day. First day is deadlifts, cleans, abs, hamstrings/lower back area. My ideas...

    4 0 1,639

    Started by twista05

  • Back in the Gym!

    by roadkill1: After a 6 months hiatus from gruntin' I have rejoined the "WAC," and I am back into the groove. I really missed the "PUMP,"...

    10 0 3,810

    Started by roadkill1

  • Strength and conditioning programs

    by schillingt: I'm investigating the usage of strength and conditioning at the high school level and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some...

    1 0 851

    Started by schillingt

  • Push Jerk

    by newmen: I've been trying to figure out how to do a good push jerk and one thing that I just can't figure out right now is the rack position. When holding...

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    Started by newmen

  • Deadlift

    by newmen: What are some of the routines that you guys use for deadlifts? I feel like I have pretty good form but I'm wondering what a good workout would be....

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    Started by newmen

  • Whey protein?

    by lg11: So back in the fall and winter I would use this stuff a little. I would take two scoops of the stuff and mix it with milk after working out. I...

    19 0 7,373

    Started by lg11

  • Nike Fuel Band

    by legendoflambeau: I'm looking into getting one of the nike fuel bands to help with some work outs this summer. I'm just wondering if anyone has any info on them, good...

    3 0 1,621

    Started by legendoflambeau

  • Raw Eggs

    by newmen: Who drinks them??? Does the risk outweigh the reward? Thinking about trying it out myself, wondering if anybody could share their thoughts and...

    5 0 1,108

    Started by newmen

  • Advice for not weighted exercise

    by cameroncrazies02: So I broke my hand last week and had surgery and was given a 3 month timetable for full recovery. I'm assuming then it will be another solid month...

    6 0 1,559

    Started by cameroncrazies02

  • Who is Doing What??

    by roadkill1: The winter is nearing an end. Stays light out a little longer. Time to get serious about the programs again! I only go about 3 times a week in...

    46 0 11,643

    Started by roadkill1

  • Nutrition Myths

    by newmen: 11 Biggest Myths about Nutrition from io9. I found some of it a bit confusing but a very interesting interesting article nonetheless. Just...

    9 0 1,853

    Started by newmen

  • Dietary Supplements in India

    by wilsond: Most of the times, our food lacks the proper and complete nutrition that our body needs. This is the reason that it becomes necessary to be diet...

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    Started by wilsond

  • Stretching

    by newmen: This is something that has really been bugging me for the past several years. It's 2013 and I still see people (before lifting, running, or any...

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    Started by newmen

  • Jump rope

    by twista05: I want to start jumping rope, but don't necessarily need a speed rope? Is it worth it to spend a lot of money on a rope or are there any that people...

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    Started by twista05

  • Hello, my name is Spike and I'm making changes

    by spike64: Fellow Wissportians, it is I, your loving, hilarious, smart, caring, neighborhood spike64. Now, to cut to the chase, 4 years of school have taken...

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    Started by spike64

  • tweb is a noob thread

    by tweb1216: So back in October I decided to get off my lazy butt and actually work out with consistency. I was going to start eating better and go to the gym,...

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    Started by tweb1216

  • Stronglifts

    by mredd22: Has anyone on here ever tried the stronglifts 5 x 5 program? I've just started it and I think it's awesome! The website does a great job of...

    2 0 1,202

    Started by mredd22

  • When's the best time to lift?

    by cameroncrazies02: I've been killing myself in the weight room lately, but am noticing sometimes it's been too much. Some days I can work out at 7 pm then have to turn...

    9 0 3,465

    Started by cameroncrazies02

  • Your Least Favorite Lift

    by bucks11: Let's hear it. What lift do you hate the most? Personally mine (like many others I'm guessing) is squat. A good squat set takes so much out of you....

    9 0 3,746

    Started by bucks11

  • Weight loss

    by legendoflambeau: Ok, I am really starting to try to lose some weight and I am wondering if I should focus more on cardio work or incorporate lifting and cardio? Just...

    50 0 13,343

    Started by legendoflambeau

  • Protein Shake

    by legendoflambeau: Hey guys I'm looking to get a little advice here. I'm looking to purchase some protein shake that I can substitute for a meal maybe in the morning or...

    2 0 1,140

    Started by legendoflambeau

  • Crossfit

    by twista05: Does anyone participate in this style of exercise?

    4 0 1,551

    Started by twista05

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