Tonight's DC Everest @ SPASH match will be broadcast on Sports Fan 100.5 FM out of Wausau and starting at 7 p.m. as part of the "Digging for the Cure" event at SPASH.
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That's a nice touch, volleyball on the radio. Need more high school sports on the radio, and less sports talk shows discussing domestic violence and such. Kudos to espn1005
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Good to see. I know Grantsburg's volleyball team receives a lot of air time during the season from their local station as well.

Part of it is just finding broadcasters knowledgeable enough in the given sport to call the game properly. WDOR out of Sturgeon Bay has two fantastic HS announcers named Nick Olson and Chad Michaels, who do a great job either in tandem or solo calling football, basketball, softball, and baseball games. However, when asked if they were going to cover basically a conference championship soccer game two falls ago, they said no since neither felt they had enough knowledge of the game of soccer to do it justice on the air.
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I've got to give a shoutout to my hometown station WRCO in Richland Center and my good friend Phil Nee. They do a little bit of everything: football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball. And they spread out to 3-4 different schools (though not full-time). But they do almost every boys and girls basketball game for RC, and even do a UW-Richland game or two during the year as well. Station owner Ron Fruit was inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcaster's Association Hall of Fame this year, and I hope Phil is someday as well.
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