Hey, no one has posted in like a month. Honestly, that is horrible. Someone talk some smack.

P.S. Pec, you're making my preseason predictions look bad. If you could win a game or two, it'd be much appreciated... But i'm not getting my hopes up.

As for the rest of the conference, I'm still excited to watch Barneveld trash Monticello.
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It is dead on this board. There seems to be no one else who comes on wissports besides people from Barneveld.

Pec is also making my predictions look not so good either. Ritschard, on the other hand, is making me look smart. He is lighting it up so far this year. I will be interested to see how Monticello and Barneveld match up this year.
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I don't think the "deadness" of this board is from a lack of people looking at it, there's 29 people looking right now... people just need to show their opinion.
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