On the heels of a lot of national conversations of whether the Paul George trade was actually good for LAC, it made me go back at some previous trades in recent years and re-think it.

February 2018-
TOR trades Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Miles, 24' 2nd rd pick to MEM for Marc Gasol

Later Moves-
-Signed Jonas Valanciunas for 3 year extension in summer 2019
-MEM trades Delon Wright 7/2019 to DAL for two 2nd rd picks
-MEM trades CJ Miles to WAS for Dwight Howard, waive Dwight Howard

For TOR-
Of course they wouldn't regret this trade because with Gasol on the roster, they won a championship.  Valanciunas would get occasionally played off the floor on defense and Gasol was a better defender.  It remains to be seen how they handle Gasol, he's expiring and 34 years old, I can't imagine they bring him back for anything more than a 1 year deal because TOR is saving money.  They also gave up Delon Wright who's gone on to play a pretty integral role as a combo guard in DAL as a primary defender.  Miles bounced around and is now out of the league.

For MEM-
Netting Valanciunas didn't make a ton of sense at first, MEM was in full re-build at this point and were acquiring a 26 year old center who had his limitations and was set to be a free agent, but they re-signed him for 3/45, a bargain considering the market, and he's been the perfect compliment to Jaren Jackson Jr.  Of course, it's easy to say this worked now, because they got Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke, both phenomenal nabs in the 2019 draft.

This trade actually evened out.  Both teams win in this deal.  MEM ended up with a younger starting caliber center who will play a role for them for years to come and netted a total of three 2nd round picks in total from the deal.  TOR won a championship with Gasol as an integral part and are still in the correct time frame to re-tool when Gasol and Lowry age out and expire on their contracts.
PHI trades Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, Landry Shamet, 20' 1st, 21' 1st (from MIA), two future 2nd rd picks to LAC for Tobias Harris, Mike Scott, Boban Marjanovic

Later Moves-
-PHI signs Tobias Harris to 5/180 extension 5 months later
-Mike Scott was retained for 2 years, $9M five months later
-Boban Marjanovic played out the season and left in free agency
-Wilson Chandler played out the season and left in free agency
-Mike Muscala was traded the next day to LAL for Ivica Zubac and Michael Beasley
-LAC traded PHI's 2020 1st for BKN's 2019 1st (Mfiondu Kabengele)
-LAC packaged the MIA 21' 1st in the Paul George trade

For PHI-
It's hard to judge this deal for PHI.  Tobias Harris is a really good player, but he's not a package of expirings, prospect, two 1sts and two 2nds type player.  Nor is he a max player.  And that's what PHI gave up to get him in total.  This was a panic move for them as they tried to match the rest of the East move for move.  Now Harris plays out of position often and while he's their most efficient scorer, he plays third fiddle far too often.

For LAC-
LAC essentially spare parted this deal.  They didn't capitalize on almost anything they got in the deal except including the MIA 1st in the Paul George deal which still seems a bit disastrous at this point.  Zubac is their starting center and starting is in quotes because he can't close games and has trouble guarding most of the league.  Kabengele hasn't played a meaningful minute, although that deal seemed like a steal at that point in the draft.

Not a huge win for either team.  PHI probably could've used its assets better, especially since they seemed so hell bent on re-signing Harris at all costs as it was.  LAC squandered one of their best assets at the time.  Of course, now they have Kawhi and Paul George, but they're not steamrolling the league like many anticipated.
January 2018-
NYK trade Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr, Courtney Lee, Trey Burke to DAL for DeAndre Jordan, Wes Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr, 21' and 23' 1st rd picks

Later Moves-
-Kristaps Porzingis signs 5/158 extension 
-Hardaway Jr and Courtney Lee remain on DAL roster
-Trey Burke played out the season and left in free agency
-DeAndre Jordan and Wes Matthews played out the season and left in free agency
-Dennis Smith Jr remains on the NYK roster

For DAL-
-DAL was a bit crucified when this deal came along.  They had given up their 19' 1st the night of the 2018 draft to trade up for Luka Doncic, then traded two 1sts for Porzingis who wasn't set on re-signing and hadn't played basketball in a year due to injury and lingering concerns about his leg issues.  Well, they got Porzingis to re-sign and while he isn't the dominant force he projected to be early on, he's been a pretty perfect fit next to Doncic.  Lee will expire this season and they hold Hardaway Jr for one more year at $20M per year.  Hardaway Jr has been a key contributor for them this season and holds value as an expiring next season.

For NYK-
-This was the ultimate flop of a deal.  However, what's rarely told in this story is how unhappy Porzingis was and how unlikely he was to re-sign in NY.  So NYK did the best thing they thought they could at the time, use him as the ultimate trade bait, cut the salary of Hardaway Jr and Lee and open up a path for the top overall pick (Zion) and two max contract slots (Irving and Durant).  None of those last two moves worked-NYK fell in the draft, picked Barrett who has been bad, then missed out on all their free agent targets and signed a bunch of miscellaneous parts to remain horrendous.

A pretty big win for DAL, they've catapulted to a top 5 team in the West when it seemed they wouldn't be close to that for a long time and have two young stars, one being a superstar.  The biggest L for NYK who still have nothing to show for trading away their lone star and now those picks are on track to be mid-20's picks.
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