IMO, there were several topics to point out after the final round

1) Goosen and Gore both crumble in the final round (81 , 84)
2) Tiger was #1 in driving, last in putting during the entire tournament
3) Good to see Corey Pavin and Rocco Mediate finish up there as well
4) Jerry Kelly finished last, but hey, beat over 72 other golfers and earned $9921 more than them

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Goosen just falling apart was totally uncharacteristic of him and completley baffles me. It looked like he almost was expecting this to happen, which is a change from the usually cool, calm, and collected Goosen.

Campbell played very well, and deserved to win the tournement. He had a great round on Sunday and was consistant, which is what was needed to win the Open.

I really thought Tiger had it in him. When he was in it early and it was clear that Goosen wasn't going to hold his lead, Tiger was in great position. In the end the putter is what did him in. Too many opportunities slipped away from Tiger or else he would have been the champion.

The course offered a great challenge to the players, but at the same time it was a fair course, which made it even better. There weren't any impossible holes or unfair conditions, it was just plain tough.
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Does anybody else think the US Open should be at Pinehurst #2 every year because it seems to be the most fair and most challenging layout in the past decade or so??

I think it should be held at Monroe Country Club in Monroe, Wisconsin. I want to be a caddy and talk to all of them, and compare their -30 scores per round to my +10 per round.....

Seriously, I think someone would probably shoot mid 50's.....
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They should play the open at whistling straits. That course didnt play as tough as i thought it would have. and I dont think that the PGA set it up as tough at the last PGA Championship. They could have had harder pin locals and kept the tee boxes at the distance they were not moveing them up.

Well it won't be happening in the near future. The PGA has the Straits locked up until, I believe, 2019.
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whistling has the 2010 pga championship, the 2015 pga championship and the 2020 Rider Cup
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Cambell deserves a lot of credit. I think that if Herb decided to have some fun they could host a great tourney every year. Have a 4 round at 4 courses and have them play Blackwolf and Whistling. Tey would need to trump up Blackwolf but that would be a blast.
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Wow, shocked that Goosen dropped the ball, but i'm laughing at Tiger. Happy for Cambell, but wishing that someone else had won
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At least, the USGA kept the golf course in good shape (greens, too) and learned from their mistake at Shinnecock last year.
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