Well, I drank the MVC kool-aid this year after we had such a good opening weekend of the WIAA playoffs. The only MVC team to lose was Sparta, who played another MVC team so inevitable.

THEN, we got to Level 2 and reality returned, the MVC is what we thought they were, unfortunately.

Our champion Onalaska gets blown out on their home field by a 2nd place team from a D4 conference, New Richmond. Of course losing Duin really hurt Onalaska...BUT, Ona still scored 29 points. But to give up 50+ is why they lost. Ona lost b/c of their defense. A sorry ending to a good season.

Holmen got a lucky draw with Superior, a middle of the pack team from the Big Rivers and won. But then to lose to a 5th place team, barely over .500 from the FRCC was not pretty. Someone better tell Kowalski that defense is important, goodness, to give up 600 yards rushing? Do everything Seth Wilson gone now, with a career total of 1 playoff win, that is sad to think of for someone as talented as anyone we've see around here. Things looking bleak in Holmen.

West Salem losing their QB in the season finale was a downer, but I don't think they could have beaten GET from the Coulee anyway. They beat them on a fluke play in early season, but GET was so much better in week 10 then they were in week 2. This was not a surprise.

Logan did Logan things, a big win in round 1 and oh so close in level 2 to a very, very good Rice Lake team. Logan outplayed them but still lost. What could have been.

Overall, a very sad Level 2, but by now you would think I wouldn't be surprised anymore.

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